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Keep Staff & Clients Safe in Your Workplace

As lockdown restrictions continue to change across the country, and businesses begin using their workspaces more flexibly, it’s vital that your workplace adapts quickly for the safety of all staff and visitors.

The Solution

We understand that the safety of your staff, customers and visitors is paramount.

With different areas to control, a multitude of risks to manage and the need to take action quickly, we have introduced a series of Smart Return to Work Solutions in collaboration with O2, to help you remain compliant with government guidance, gain consumer confidence and enhance visitor experiences to boot!

A Word From Welcomm

Hear from specialist Michael Hammond as he discusses our latest range of contactless and social distancing technologies designed to look after the welware of  staff and visitors.

“I’m sure any business owner would agree that, if you could put a technology in place to avoid your premises closing and keep business flowing, that investment is priceless.

Contactless Interactions

Contactless Reception

Enable fast, secure, controlled access into your workplace, whilst limiting the risk of contamination.

Your visitors receive unique QR codes for smooth check-ins and access to designated areas of your premises without the need for human intervention.

Contactless: Uses a QR Code at location to verify proximity
Hygienic: Reduces physical contact – no pens or kiosks
Instant Notification: Streamlines reception, providing arrival notifications
Device Agnostic: No specific hardware or equipment required
GDPR Compliant: Details are secure
Simple and Efficient: Integrates with Calendars including Office 365 and is fully digital, removing the need to physically queue

Digital Signage

Communicate key messages instantly to keep your customers informed.

Whether integrated with camera systems for safety, used to display the latest marketing messaging or to inform your visitors of an updated process in-store, digital signage enables effective, interactive and instant communication – enhancing visitor experience at your business.

  • Available in a range of sizes to fit your space
  • Display meeting room occupancy/capacity
  • Notification of cleaning status for kitchen or toilet access
  • Able to be integrated with footfall counting camera systems
  • Temporary and permanent solutions available

Virtual Queuing

Manage customer flow within any store or waiting room, minimise human interaction and maintain social distancing with a virtual queuing system at your business.


  1. Customers join a virtual queue through a host with a tablet, a self-service kiosk or via their phone (app, QR code or SMS).
  2. They are then provided with a queue position number and a personalised wait time, and are kept updated by SMS, weblink countdown and/or digital signage.
  3. Customers receive an SMS alert when it’s time to enter the store.

A solution to minimise human contact now, that enhances efficiency and customer experience long term… time to get in line.

Footfall Measurement and Social Distancing

Social Distancing CCTV

Monitor the people count and occupancy status of communal areas to display access status in real-time.

Social distancing camera systems continuously monitor the occupancy status of communal areas, including tight spaces, to enable you to display access status accordingly – controlling the number of people in any one area.


  • Once the count monitors occupancy at an acceptable level (in accordance with social distancing rules) then the access status of an area changes automatically a.k.a. with a green light!
  • The people counter creates a 3D virtual environment to allow for accurate people counting.
  • Traffic flow can analysed from the point of entry.
  • Once the people flow count (in/out) reaches a pre-determined limit, a ‘requires cleaning’ status can also be set to alert building maintenance staff that a particular area requires attention.

IoT Footfall Management System

Connected IoT systems that work together to automatically count the number of people entering or leaving a space.

With fire regulations, capacity limitations and ever-changing governmental guidance to adhere to, a footfall measurement system is imperative to limit the number of shoppers in-store, workers on-site and visitors on-premise at any one time.


  • Specialist camera equipment accurately and automatically counts the number of people entering or leaving a space.
  • If the maximum capacity is reached, door staff are alerted and shoppers, visitors or staff waiting to enter will be asked to queue via digital signage.
  • An end-to-end system, we include sensors, hardware, software, support, analytics and digital signage.

Staff and Visitor Welfare

Thermal Camera Systems

Check individuals entering a business premises as to whether they are Covid-19 symptomatic.

Thermal Cameras with Workflow Capability form part of an end-to-end solution that includes both fixed and handheld thermal cameras to check for a temperature in a non-invasive way with the accuracy of +-0.5°C. Additional hardware, installation, training and support are also included.

Cleaning Log Solutions

Minimise cost and improve washroom management, creating a safe clean environment with reporting control.

Key Solution Benefits

  • Registering and validating Covid-19 deep clean protocols
  • Monitoring soap dispenser availability
  • Capturing usage of facilities (footfall, capacity, occupancy etc.)
  • Reactive cleaning and security activities
  • Real time data visualisation and crowd density monitoring

Why work with Welcomm?

  • Award winning customer service, digital knowledge and operational support recognised by the major Networks

  • 50% of our staff work in support functions and are trained to the highest level to maintain our Platinum Partner status

  • Our partnership philosophy and dedicated account management service mean we take the time to understand business requirements before making recommendations

  • Our UK based Customer Care team operate a ‘3 Ring Call to Care’ policy, with one freephone number to call for help with all products and services – 0800 064 64 64

  • We have in-house expertise across all services, and as an SME we are able to remain agile and adaptable to business needs

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