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By Liam Ruane, Sept 23, 2021

By Liam Ruane

September 23, 2021

If you’re a sales led organisation, you know that a missed call could be a missed sale. However in 2021, it’s no longer just a missed call that could be costing you… a missed email, a missed social media message or live chat response could result in a poor customer experience or mean a customer contacts your competition.

As a network provider, Gamma work with partners throughout the UK. Although we work with over a thousand organisations, we only have just over a dozen platinum partners, one of which is Welcomm Communications. This recognition not only means that Welcomm are aligned with our ethos, but they are also highly trained and well versed in both the engineering and sales of our products, ensuring they can deliver the latest unified communications solutions.

With so many communication channels to manage, today I am sharing some of the best technology that can help your business manage multiple communication platforms at once, enhance customer experiences and fundamentally… win new customers!

10 Tips to Win New Business Using Communication Technology

Attract the best talent to achieve better results

With Horizon Hosted Telephony

Hosted telephony enables your people to work from anywhere, helping you to attract the best talent from across the country (as you’re not limited to a specific geographic area). Accessing a pool of highly experienced and trained sales staff will help achieve better results to drive your business forward.

Speak to customers in the way they want to speak to you

With Horizon Contact

In today’s world, successful companies are going to be the ones that interact with their customers in the way they WANT to interact. Horizon Contact integrates voice, email and web chat into a single pane of glass, making it easy to assign communications to staff members, ensuring nothing is missed!

Present a local phone number to expand your reach

With Horizon Hosted Telephony

If your office is based in London, but you’re trying to extend your reach in the north of England, having a cloud-hosted telephony system like Horizon means that you can present a local number when you dial out. When a new business sees a local number calling in, it is more likely that the call will be trusted and answered – giving you the opportunity to sell!

Achieve nationwide recognition with a non-geographic number

With Horizon Hosted Telephony

Replace a standard 01 or 02 telephone number with a non-geographic telephone number (such as 0800 or 0345) to remove any future geographical barriers and present a professional image to your callers. If you’re a growing business, this also may help you be perceived as a serious player – plus one number can remain consistent across all of your marketing material.

Remain agile and open for business with instant telephony changes

With Horizon’s Administration Portal

Moving your telephony into the cloud means you can manage your entire telephony system online (from anywhere). Making changes, creating new users and diverting calls to your mobile instantly means that you can remain agile, adapt to any opening hour changes, and ensure you remain open for business! 

Adapt to how your staff work best

With Horizon Apps and Modern Hardware

With a new generation of staff entering the work force, in today’s world there is a need to ensure your staff are comfortable and able to work in the best ways for them. A happy workforce, able to use mobile apps, handsets or soft clients on their PC to communicate with new leads or customers, means they will be more efficient and likely more successful in their roles.

Call leads and view customer history directly from your CRM platform

With Horizon Integrator

Integrating your hosted phone system into your Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is a really powerful solution. With Horizon, you’re able to ‘click to dial’ customer numbers straight from your CRM system, saving your people time. Additionally, if I’m receiving an inbound call, a ‘screen pop’ can display the customers’ record instantly, allowing me to greet each caller by name. Personal service = better sales!

Reduce missed calls/sales with real-time reporting

With Akixi Call Reporting

Akixi Call Reporting clearly demonstrates in real-time how many callers are waiting and how many of these calls are abandoned. If you’re a sales led organisation, and someone calls into your company (and you don’t have a chance to pick up that phone call), it could mean lost revenue. Being able to see this information enables you to call back to recover that sale, and better staff your phones at peak times.

Increase efficiencies with an upgraded Microsoft Teams phone system

With Teams Direct Routing

Horizon has the capability of integrating with MS Teams. If Teams has become your go-to meeting platform and you’re used to it as a business, you can add a bolt-on to transform your Teams environment into an external telephony system using ‘Teams Direct Routing’. Rather than travelling for miles, use Teams to connect with more customers – more chances to encourage sales at your business.

Improve call quality through live call coaching

With Horizon call recording

Going back (up to 7 years) and listening to staff phone calls is a fantastic way to share successes in the team, encourage the right behaviours and learn from mistakes. Horizon Call Recording enables your management teams to effectively coach and train their staff, to develop sales skills and improve call quality overall. Got a new marketing campaign that you want your sales teams to discuss on every call? Monitor your success using call recording.

Time to upgrade your business communications?

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