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Easily manage multiple communication channels in one place.

Manage Customer Communications Effortlessly

Managing a high volume of emails, calls, live chats and social media messages can at times feel impossible. Not only could you be missing out on sales opportunities, but any delays can mean your customers go elsewhere for a better experience.

Horizon Contact is a new, affordable and simple contact centre designed to help you juggle it all. It automatically assigns voice, email and webchat communications to selected members of staff, allowing you to effectively manage all customer communications across multiple channels – helping you ensure nothing is missed and every customer is responded to.

How a Contact Centre Can Transform Your Business

If your communications are managed by different people, or entirely different teams, how do you make sure every customer gets the same fantastic service? Do you know or monitor how long it takes for your business to respond to your customers? 

Introducing a Contact Centre means all channels are managed in the same platform – meaning you get visibility of EVERYTHING in one place, and we can report on every channel in the same way. 

Key Benefits of Horizon Contact

Improve Customer Experiences

Management can track how long it takes for your staff to respond to customer queries, backing up customer promises with data.

Access Business Insights

Track call volumes and missed calls to better manage staffing requirements and enhance customer experiences.

Communication Queuing

Voice, Email and Webchat queuing ensures all customer queries are allocated to a member of staff and nothing is missed or duplicated. 

View Historic Communications

Managing communications in one place gives your team instant visibility of past contact for a holistic overview of accounts.

The Perfect Stepping Stone

Significantly cheaper than alternatives, Contact is a great start towards centrally managing business communications.

Do Your Research

To learn more about the full range of benefits offered by Horizon Contact, click the images below to download one of our PDF guides or book a virtual demo.

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