The 2023 Samsung ‘A’ Range

Why you might consider a Samsung A Range smartphone for your business.

By Liam Wilson-Cobb, May 3, 2023

By Liam Wilson-Cobb

May 3, 2023

In 2023, choosing the right smartphone can make a significant difference to your business operations and productivity. Which is why, when it comes to equipping your staff with new devices, many business owners are looking for a good balance of affordability, versatility, and quality. 

Introducing the Samsung A Range. 

The newest models to join the Samsung A series are the Galaxy A14, A34 and A54.

Deciding between them is no easy task thanks to their incredible specs and superb battery life. All three models are available with 5G connectivity on O2, so your staff can benefit from a super fast connection – which makes them great choices for seamless remote working and video calling when you’re out and about.

Samsung A14

£240 excl. VAT

Samsung A34

£390 excl. VAT

Samsung A54

£435 excl. VAT

Samsung’s Galaxy A Range of smartphones are known for being simultaneously dependable, affordable and innovative.

But which model is right for your business?

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Key Differences

Screen Size/Type

With screens ranging from 6.4″ to 6.6″ in size, the A14 (the entry model in the range) sports a Full HD PLS LCD screen. Whereas the A34 and A54 have a Full HD + Super AMOLED screen, providing better clarity and brighter colours (whilst also using less energy). 

If viewing images, files or video calling regularly, the A34 or A14 may be the best for your users, as they both come with 6.6″ screens (that’s even larger than the iPhone 14 Plus)!


With the A14 and A34 sharing the same 13MP front camera, the A54 (with a 32MP front camera) boasts the best camera setup from the latest A series line up. 

With four cameras total, the A54’s 50MP rear main camera captures images in stunning detail and brightness and also benefits from Optical Image Stabilisation which ensures your photos and videos stay blur-free. The 12MP Ultra Wide camera captures high-resolution outdoor photography with ease. Whilst the 5MP macro lens brings out the finest details in your shots (even night time or low light photos look awesome thanks to ‘Nightography’).

If camera quality is your priority, you know the A54 stands head and shoulders above the rest. 


If budget is your number 1 priority, then the Samsung A Series should be a serious contender. Without all the bells and whistles (or the juicy price tag), the A14 5G starts at just £240 excl. VAT. The A34 comes in at £390 excl. VAT and the A54 is £435 excl. VAT (a fraction of the cost of a Samsung Z series device, or an Apple iPhone). 

Prices are correct at the time of publishing, and may be subject to change. 

Making The Move To Android

It’s easier than you might think to transfer from Apple iOS to Android…

Samsung Smart Switch can support with the move from Apple to Android – pulling through the content you need (including your favourite photos, settings and call history) when you transfer to a new Samsung. Once the transfer is complete, your can make and receive calls, send and receive messages, and more.

More and more, the major operating systems (like android and iOS) aren’t that different to use, which is why more businesses are making the switch. 

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