Why your business should try the Nokia G22

Here are five reasons why you should seriously consider the Nokia G22 as your next business mobile.

By Liam Wilson-Cobb, March 27, 2023

By Liam Wilson-Cobb, Digital Product Specialist

March 27, 2023

Nokia’s re-emergence in the business mobile market has seen the release of a range of new handsets offering modern functionality at a fraction of the Apple price tag. The latest of which is the Nokia G22 – the first handset in decades able to be repaired by the user themselves.

In partnership with our friends at Nokia, hear from our Digital Product Specialist Liam, as he runs us through five reasons why you should seriously consider the Nokia G22 as your next business mobile.

Nokia G22 – Top 5 Device Highlights

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Easy DIY Repairs

Nokia have worked hard to make the G22 one of the most repairable smart phones you can buy. Thanks to in-built ‘QuickFix repairability’, you can replace the screen, battery and charging port yourself – cutting costs and reducing downtime.

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3 Day Battery Life

The Nokia G22 comes with a whopping 5050 mAh battery able to run for up to 3-days! Plus the battery is capable of 800 full charging cycles, including fast charging, meaning it will stay in good shape for longer.

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Security Updates Guaranteed

The G22 comes with 3 years of monthly security updates, 2 years of Android upgrades and a massive 3 year warranty – helping to keep your handsets protected from cyber attacks and working optimally for longer.

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Recycled Materials

The Nokia G22 comes with an ultra-slim Clear Case made from 100% recycled material, providing comfort, grip, and protection for the device. It looks great, does good, and lasts longer. 

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Value For Money

Available at Welcomm for £155 (excl. VAT), the Nokia G22 offers amazing value for money, especially in comparison to smartphone giants Samsung and Apple. This means you are able to update your entire mobile fleet and provide your people with the latest technology without breaking the bank. 

Thinking about a move to Nokia?

To learn more about what a move to Nokia might look like for your business, get in touch with our Customer Care team on 08000646464. We’d love to answer any questions you may have, and can arrange a demonstration for your staff.

Nokia handsets are available on O2 – the UK’s largest network.

Choose to work with O2’s Best Partner for Business 2018 – 2022 (that’s us)!

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