By Nicola Arthur

April 22, 2020

Have you heard about the volatility of the energy market?

… Time to take notice

With a pandemic on our hands, you can be forgiven for not having your business energy bills at the front of your mind right now. This extremely difficult time may have resulted in the temporary closure of your offices or furlough of valued staff.

To ensure your closed offices aren’t costing you more than they should, our Business Energy Manager Nicola has some tips for your business.

For rooms or floors not in regular use, turn down all thermostats and switch off electric heaters to reduce your ongoing costs.

Turn off standby appliances. Turning off unused appliances in your kitchens and office spaces at the plug could make a big difference to reduce your bill.

Now that your staff are working remotely, it may be a good time to replace older appliances with more energy efficient options, switching your office lighting to LED or introducing sensors and timers to maintain an energy efficient environment post-pandemic

Don’t fall into the automatic renewal trap. As soon as you enter your renewal period (6-12 months prior to your contract end date), always contact an Energy comparison service such as Welcomm Energy to review your options.

Our renewal comparison service saves you time calling multiple vendors, is free to use and with prices still low after unprecedented market turbulence*, we are confident that we will be able to save businesses money on their utility prices.

With oil prices now rising after an unprecedented collapse in the value of US oil, that saw costs fall into negative territory for the first time*, our Energy Team are keen to help as many businesses as possible take advantage of the market deals still available before it’s too late.

*Information correct as per published date:

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