Managing Wellness in The Workplace

Alan Savill, Founder of Charity Ian’s Chain shares how promoting wellbeing in the workplace can prevent tragedy.

By Matt Taylor, June 8, 2021

By Alan Savill

August 19, 2021

Burn out and stress can manifest itself in many forms. When working (even despite any support you get from your employer), you might find that making mistakes, not wanting to get up, getting distracted, a feeling of isolation, hopelessness, or poor sleep become more and more frequent.

But what does this mean, and who can you go to when it all gets too much?

So many ask how their colleagues are… without really listening to the answer. In this live session, we discuss good things to do, and how to support each other. Of course if anyone does get into a real crisis, we want everyone to know that they can contact Ian’s Chain, the charity founded by myself and my wife, so that we can help them through it.

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