Sustainability Tips For Businesses

As Welcomm look to reduce our environmental impact, our teams share some recent sustainability learnings.

Wendy Savill, Compliance Officer, Welcomm Communications Ltd

By Wendy Savill

April 08, 2022

Like many businesses across the UK, taking steps to reduce our environmental impact is a key focus for us in the coming years. We believe we have a responsibility to do everything we can as an organisation to embrace sustainable processes, lower our carbon footprint and actively work towards becoming a net zero business.

Starting this journey can be daunting, especially for busy smaller businesses who may not be aware of some of the current support or guidance available. That’s why, last month we dispatched our teams to the ‘Go Green Convention’ in Market Harborough – a free event offering support and advice for businesses looking to start their sustainability journey.

Our teams found this event incredibly insightful, and came away with plenty of ideas we can action immediately. Today I wanted to share some of our key learnings and takeaways, with the hope that they will inspire you to take some initial sustainability steps of your own.

About The Event

On Monday 21st March, the Harborough District Council invited businesses from across Leicestershire to attend a free event to discover how they can reduce their carbon emissions, and understand their current environmental impact.

With presentations, training, and panels from industry-leading experts, this event sought to provide businesses with the tools and knowledge they need to start their sustainability journey.

Tips From The Day

Sustainability made simple with Zellar

Monitor Your Carbon Footprint

with Zellar

A new platform allowing businesses to measure their carbon footprint and help them monitor progress made towards their net zero targets. Zellar also assist with tailored plans and benchmarking options.

Welcomm are already proudly partnering with Zellar, and are monitoring our carbon footprint. Click here to view our profile.

Zellar are currently offering a FREE 12 subscription for businesses who register before Monday 26th July

Green BELLE supports SMEs in Leicester and Leicestershire with green energy grants.

Invest in Energy Efficient Technologies

with GreenBELLE

Providing assistance to SMEs in Leicester and Leicestershire struggling to fund energy efficiency measures within their business, GreenBELLE is currently offering grants of £1,000 to £10,000 towards the cost!

These grants are available to support the installation of low carbon and energy efficient technologies in businesses, and GreenBELLE are aiming to support 293 businesses with a grant, and are aiming to achieve an annual decrease of greenhouse gas emissions of 2,439 tCO2e!

Greenshoots offer emission-free delivery across the east midlands and beyond.

Lower Delivery Emissions

with Green Shoots

Green Shoots are a local eco-friendly courier service, currently operating across the Midlands and beyond.

They utilise a fully electric van to make business deliveries, offering service with a smile whilst also immediately reducing your carbon footprint.

Ideal for local or short-distance regular deliveries, we recommend getting in touch with Green Shoots if your business is looking to reduce the emissions impact of its logistics.

Choose you move: A smarter way to travel in leicester and leicestershire.

Enable Greener Commutes

with Choose How You Move

Choose How you Move is a great resource to help plan journeys around the country. Ideal as a tool to encourage staff to consider a greener commute, it automatically maps out walking and cycling routes, public transport links and information for businesses and schools to encourage a more sustainable travel plan.

Leicester based businesses can also apply for a ‘Sustainable Travel Grant’ of up to £5,000 per year, useable for sustainable travel investments such as cycle parking, lockers, or staff showers.

Hand reaching for a projection of technology.

Partner With Innovators

with Leicester Innovation Hub

SME’s based in Leicestershire can claim support from the Leicester Innovation Hub to develop innovative new products, processes and services through the application of cutting edge research from the University of Leicester.  They provide funding and business support by Innovation Fellows, academics and technologists working in four key areas:

  • Data analytics
  • Earth observation
  • Marketing and managements
  • Materials and advanced engineering

Welcomm are particularly interested in the carbon literacy training and the sustainability audit available to businesses and will be looking into this immediately.

Green shoots growing out of piles of coins.

Claim Climate Support

with Green Banking

Did you know that most high street banks offer funding to help businesses invest in sustainable projects at competitive rates? 

Most banks are now only supporting responsible investing too – ensuring funds are directed towards projects that meet strict net zero targets. 

During the event, we heard from NatWest, one of the banks currently offering climate support for businesses.

Reviewing Your Energy Usage

Reduce overall energy spend, identify potential waste and lower your environmental impact.

In addition to the free support shared above, one of the most proactive steps businesses can take in the journey to become more sustainable is to review how they consume energy at their premises.

Firstly, to help reduce wasted energy and lower your bills, here’s some simple changes that you can action immediately:

  • Replace all lightbulbs with the most energy efficient alternatives, ideally LEDs.
  • Only boil the water you need – invest in a hot water dispenser to save waste.
  • Update older technology to more energy efficient options where possible.
  • Turn off unused computers, screens and sockets overnight.
  • Switch to a Green Energy supplier – click here to learn more.
A magnifying glass examining energy usage.

Secondly, conducting an internal energy audit is something we would recommend to all businesses looking to reduce their consumption. Taking regular meter readings can help you understand what processes are currently using the most energy, and where savings could be made.

If your business needs help getting started, our Energy team would be happy to offer support and advice. Click the button to speak to an expert.

Extra Energy Support

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