By Luke Stanton

May 19, 2020

Secure your online payments with Cirrus Link Pay+, a PCI DSS Compliant payment solution from Welcomm.

PCI compliance is a requirement for any business that accepts card payments over the phone or online, and affects the way that your business stores, processes, and submits card transactions.

If a lack of PCI compliance in your business leads to a data breach or a security issue, you may be liable to pay a substantial fine.

In addition to this, there are other costs associated with data breaches that you will need to consider if your business does not comply with PCI standards. These could include forensic audits, damage to your brand, and more.

Learn more about Official PCI Security Standards here.

How it Works

Whilst working from home, it is important that your staff and customers feel secure when making payments.

If your current payment solution only functions on-site, i.e. has a physical barrier such as a card machine, Cirrus Link Pay+ can instantly transform your payment process.

Link Pay+ is a smart payment solution that removes the need to worry about PCI security compliance and provides a super simple, secure one-click payment method for contact centre transactions:

✔ No Setup Fee or Monthly Cost
✔ Pay as you use from 35p per transaction
✔ PCI DSS Compliant
✔ Enhanced Customer Experience

To learn more about how Cirrus Link Pay+ can streamline and secure your payment process, please contact our Unified Communications Team:
0800 064 64 64

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