Mobile Device Management

The monitoring, management and securing of business devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops.

What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) refers to the monitoring, management and securing of mobile devices, such as laptops, smartphones and tablets used in a business.

This means that an MDM solution allows admins to have visibility into your mobile environment, push out applications and OS updates to devices instantly, and control security policies that you put in place to protect your company data (even if a device is lost or stolen).

There are several MDM solutions available in the market that range in price from approx. £2 to £9 per device each month. A popular option for our customers is MaaS360, an IBM solution that can be added to your O2 mobile bill.

How can I use MDM at my business?

Once you’ve decided which MDM is best for your business (we can help work this out with you), there are loads of benefits for both your corporate and employee-owned devices that you won’t be able to live without.

Customise Your Home/Lock Screen to Maintain a Professional Image

Find, Lock and Wipe Lost Devices

Push Out New Apps and OS Updates Effortlessly

Restrict Features and Functions to Keep Staff Productive

Automatically Configure Email, Calendar and Contacts

Protect Business Data Through Device Encryption

Enrolment Types


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a way you can allow employees to have their work information on their handset but rolled out via an MDM such as MaaS360. The employee will need to install MaaS360 on their Device so the policy can be pushed that device, but users need not worry. The Portal Admin won’t be able to see anything personal on the user’s handset. Just any Apps that MaaS is pushing out, Software version, battery level ETC. 

Apps will be updated from the App portal from MaaS360, so you know your data is always protected by the latest security patches from app developers. Android has an amazing feature that allows you to sperate work and personal so when work time is over, you can turn off your work profile and not be interrupted.  

Here’s what our Business Support Coordinator Giacomo has said about his experience of using his personal phone with a BYOD setup: 

“Opting for BYOD with Maas360 has not only improved my work routine but also provided significant privacy benefits that not everyone knows about. By using my personal device through Maas360, I have the advantage of working on a platform I’m comfortable with, enhancing my overall productivity as I already know the features and functionality of the operating software. What’s particularly reassuring is Maas360’s robust approach to data security and your privacy. The system ensures that sensitive corporate information is safeguarded through measures like encryption, remote wipe capabilities, and stringent access controls. This not only protects the company’s data but also shields my personal information from unauthorized access remotely or potential breaches. It’s a win-win situation – I get the convenience of using my own device while knowing that my privacy is being upheld at the highest level. Embracing BYOD with Maas360 has truly redefined how I work, striking the perfect balance between personal comfort and rigorous privacy measures.” 


A corporate handset is used by our customers at Tapi Carpets and Churchill. They are fully locked down with MDM Control. So case scenario, a member of your sales team is on the train to a meeting. They spot their stop and, in a rush, stash their laptop in a bag, they leave their work mobile phone on the table. They get off the train and notice and in a mad panic they call your IT Admin. Your IT Admin can then log into the MaaS360 portal and either Wipe, lock or even track the device.  

Locking the phone will able you to unlock it should the device be found and returned, and you won’t lose any data on the handset. If the phone is not returned and has been lost, you can wipe the handset. As long the device still has an internet connection via Data or Wi-Fi, when prompted from the MaaS360 portal the phone will perform a full factory reset, removing any sensitive company data from the handset.  

Heres what Jason from Tapi Carpets had to say about their corporate roll out of devices. 

“Tapi has over 150 Home Consultants who can bring the flooring shopping experience to your home. We needed to give our consultants an easy to use device, that was centrally controlled and managed to save them time and make their work life more efficient. Using Maas360 enables us to check on all our devices, review compliance and push important updates out. It also gives us great control in personalising the devices to Tapi. The backscreen, folders and icons can all be controlled centrally and pushed out – giving every device the exact same look and feel. We can easily deploy new applications or links – and utilise a test group to ensure we are happy with the update – and then easily push out to the entire estate.  

We have been very impressed with the controls and time savings that this has given Tapi – and with Welcomm taking care of the entire procurement and enrolment process, the Technology department saves time on responding to new users” 


If you are the company that likes to supply Devices to your staff and don’t mind them using the device for personal use, you may want to look at a WPCO enrolment. The company would own the handset and the MDM would be installed via the Work profile on the device. The user will be able to log into their own Google Account and install their personal data and apps under the Personal Profile. Admins will only be able to see what’s installed via the work profile so it does still give the end user some privacy. The business will have controls over the device and will be able to restrict certain actions such as: 

  • Disable Factory Reset. 
  • Restrictions on Camera and Screenshots. 
  • And Copy and Paste from Work Apps to Personal apps. 

What does Apple DEP Enrolment mean?

    • DEP is a method used to deploy devices onto your Mobile Device Management (MDM) portal. 
    • It’s set up through Apple Business Manager and offers businesses enhanced device management capabilities. 
    • DEP enrollment can be configured as mandatory, forcing users to enrol their devices into the MDM. 
    • Welcomm, uses Macs to perform DEP enrollments, or you can use suppliers for this process.

What does Google Zero Touch Enrolment mean?

    • Similar to DEP, Google Zero Touch is a method for deploying and managing Android devices. 
    • As a Google Zero Touch Reseller, Welcomm can leverage this method for its MDM customers. 
    • When a customer purchases a device, we scan the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number, and the device is automatically set up and connected to the MDM.
    • One advantage of Zero Touch is that it’s not restricted to specific suppliers, allowing you to use a variety of suppliers, including refurbished options. 

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