Trucklink EU Partnership Delivers For Growing Local Business

Partnership delivers for growing local business

After years of working together, a strong collaborative partnership has enabled both Trucklink EU and Welcomm to grow together – with Welcomm supporting both Leicestershire-based Trucklink EU, as well as their global parent organisation, HAE Group with managed business communications.

Customer Overview

Based in the heart of the UK, quality, performance, professional commitment and partnership are at the heart of Trucklink’s operations. First located at East Midlands Airport, Trucklink EU was established in 2006 to provide air freight by road services to a number of major aviation customers.

Joining the Pall-Ex network as a member in 2014, and eventually becoming shareholders, the business continued to expand and now provides efficient and competitive local, national, and international logistics services, including complete door-to-door services from a larger facility in Glenfield, Leicestershire.

Hear from Nigel Todd, Managing Director of Trucklink EU as he shares his experience of working with Welcomm.

The Challenge

Operating within the fast-paced logistics sector, Trucklink EU needed a communications partner that would act as an extension of their own team – to help them remain competitive and responsive to changing customer demands.

Since the early days, when Welcomm supplied Trucklink with business mobiles only, both the partnership and the business has expanded considerably. To support this organisational growth, Trucklink were in need of additional telephony and digital services to help keep their people efficient and operational from anywhere.

Looking to the future, the business plans to introduce advanced call reporting functionality, to ensure their teams continue to provide the high standards of customer support and 24/7 service they pride themselves on.

“Welcomm have made it a lot easier for us to do business. We concentrate on making sure we deliver a service that fulfils our customer’s expectations and Welcomm are always there in the background. As we progressed to the size we are now, Welcomm have given us any advice we need. There’s no pressure, and thanks to the advance of technology, rarely a large investment to get us to that extra step.”

Key Solutions

  • Mobiles

  • Hosted Telephony

  • Microsoft 365

Solution Outcomes

From first supplying business mobiles, Trucklink’s expansion required network support, including hosted telephony and the introduction of collaboration tools. As a result of implementing Hosted Horizon Telephony, Microsoft 365 licences and O2 business mobiles, hear from Nigel Todd, Managing Director at Trucklink EU as he discusses the outcomes the organisation has experienced.

Instant Customer Experience

“Our business used to use only phone calls for communication, with tracking on vehicles for visual monitoring. However, things have moved on a lot more now – everything functions in realtime.

Throughout our network, everything is completed ‘on glass’ (i.e. on a mobile device or screen.) Customers want full visibility of their package location, all with a click of a button. Welcomm’s communications, alongside our other applications, are key to achieving this.”

Paperless Processes

“From identifying locations and scanning documents to getting a signature on site, mobile phones have become essential tools for what we do. Implementing paperless processes is faster, far more environmentally friendly, and allows us to do a lot more with a lot less paperwork.

We have found that, the more technology we incorporate into the organisation, the easier it is for us to grow as a business – allowing us to focus on critical operational objectives such as compliance and control.”

Flexibility and Remote Working

“We utilise hosted telephony across the business. Through the Horizon application, we can work anywhere in the world, on the move or in the office. I like the fact that, although my direct dial number is a local number, it can be used anywhere.

Through Microsoft 365 we also use sharepoint to access files remotely. We feel very confident that everything is backed up, and if the worst did happen, we can log on and work to keep our business moving – an added security factor we have been able to add to the business.”

Why Choose Welcomm?

“I am a great believer in loyalty. If you get a good service and you’re dealing with good people, why would you want to change that? We’re always conscious of cost and the need to remain competitive, but Welcomm offer a good product and solution at the best price.

As a customer, it’s a personable connection that you have with the business – it’s not just about being technical.

Welcomm very much have a ‘can do’ culture. There is a lot of energy and young talent within the organisation which gives us the confidence that, when we need a certain solution, or need something fixing, things will get done efficiently – Welcomm look after us!”

– Nigel Todd, Managing Director

Responding to COVID-19

In recognition of the difficulties experienced by all businesses throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we asked Nigel how the technology and systems utilised by Trucklink EU had helped them to respond new logistical and organisational challenges.

“In logistics, things move at a very fast pace. We’ve had a number of challenges throughout covid, and we have worked to ensure that we are scaling up and down correctly; remaining in the market to deliver a good service.

If you are proactive, open to change and can adapt, you have a good opportunity to fulfil an increase in demand. Logisitics is really important to all manufacturers and vendors – people have got used to clicking a button and having goods arrive at the front door the next day. We’re a small link in a massive supply chain, but what we do, we do very well.

There are an abundance of new opportunities out there if you’re willing to try something new. We were very transport oriented for many years, however during 2020’s lockdown we introduced storage, handling and consolidation, complemented by our transport operations and enhancing the e-commerce market to our service portfolio. In 2021 we have invested in market leading IT systems enabling us to extended our services in online fulfilment for a number of retailers. We’re really excited about the future.”

Would You Recommend Working With Welcomm?

“I would definitely recommend Welcomm to another business – without a doubt.

You are very local to us, and many years of working together has helped us build a strong bond. You have massive capabilities to support businesses throughout the UK, including globally as I’ve seen from your work with HAE group. I don’t know the technical side, but you certainly know the solutions for business. You have a lot of knowledge into certain industries that ensure you can offer the right solutions.

We’re really pleased with what you guys do as our partners, and the fact that you take a lot of interest in our business is great.

From a fundraising point of view, working with you has introduced us to a different field. We are now connecting with people that we never would have before. It’s going to help increase our brand and take us to a new level.”

Nigel Todd, Managing Director

A Word From Welcomm

“With a lot of our customer relationships, there’s often a common ground outside of work. With Trucklink EU, we found common ground in our support of Leicester-based LOROS Hospice and our local communities. Any chance to give back is something both businesses find very rewarding.

Like Nigel, we believe that we can make a huge difference to others by being kind – an ethos that Trucklink EU share. That is why, for me, it’s been an absolute pleasure collaborating with the Trucklink/HAE team on charitable projects this year, such as the Bonkers Bake Off and Rocket Round Leicester.

What I found really exciting, was getting to know so much more about Trucklink, as well as the passion, personal connection and sportsmanship they bring to each event. To be able to support Trucklink EU and HAE from a communications and technology point of view is fantastic, and we are forever grateful for their continued business. However to be able to collaborate on other projects together, and raise over £12,000 for charity in the first half of 2021 alone, has been incredibly rewarding and I want to thank Nigel and his team for coming on the crazy journey with us.”

Emma Sneddon, Marketing Manager at Welcomm Communications

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