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With legacy server equipment reaching end of life, Peterborough Boiler Services Ltd turned to Welcomm Communications for honest, expert and timely support to help achieve their digital transformation goals.

Customer Overview

Established in 1982, Peterborough Boiler Services Ltd service and supply domestic and commercial boilers and central heating systems. A family business for more than 39 years, Peterborough Boiler Services operate in a 40 mile radius around the city of Peterborough.

Hear from Nigel Foreman, Owner of Peterborough Boiler Services Ltd, as he shares his experience of working with Welcomm.

The Challenge

Before upgrading their IT and Telephony systems, Peterborough Boiler Services were struggling to operate efficiently, slowed down by outdated hardware and systems provided to them by an incumbent supplier of over 10 years.

  • An on-premise server previously installed in 2014 had reached the end of its life, crashing multiple times within an 18 month period.
  • Office desktop PC’s were slow to function, causing excess delays and frustration.
  • Having previously used separate providers for IT and Telephony, the business was looking to consolidate suppliers under one roof. 
  • With the business receiving over 100 phone calls a day during peak periods, Nigel and the business needed a consistent and reliable telephony system, with support a call away when needed.

Following the success of the cloud-hosted Horizon Telephony solution Welcomm had supplied to the business a number of years prior, Nigel was keen to implement similar cloud-based Servers and IT systems to replace his outdated hardware. When presented with this goal, his incumbent supplier was unsupportive, and Nigel turned to Welcomm for support.

“Welcomm fully explained the solution they recommended for my business, then they gave me the time to think. It was extremely difficult for me to leave a company I had been with for over 10 years. The fact that I was left alone to think about my next step was great – I experienced no hard sell, no hard push.” – Nigel Foreman, Owner

Key Solutions

  • Hosted Telephony

  • Energy

  • IT Support

  • Mobiles & Tablets

  • Office 365

Why Choose Welcomm?

“I needed a communications partner that knows what they are talking about. I need to know I can contact my provider, and trust that they will deliver. So far, Welcomm have lived up to my expectations.

Not knowing about IT, I have to go on what I’m told by the professionals, and judging by our work together so far, I think I have made the right choice.

It’s good to have my Account Manager Sarah as a point of contact – if anything goes wrong I can contact Sarah. I always prefer to contact one person, and then they can get others involved if need be.”

– Nigel Foreman, Owner

Solution Outcomes

Updated Hardware

Frequent crashes and long booting times had cost the business both time and money. By transferring their server storage to the cloud, these frustrations were completely removed, with the business no longer responsible for costly maintenance.

New IT hardware within the office has also vastly improved the day-to-day productivity of the administration teams, with less time being wasted waiting for machines to boot or complete demanding tasks.

Faster Working Processes

Equipped with brand new mobiles and tablets, travelling engineers are now able to receive jobs remotely from the main office, improving efficiency and providing a consistent and trackable record.

With Welcomm IT Support in place, Peterborough Boiler Services Ltd now have full access to the Microsoft 365 suite of applications, providing a range of tools to enhance internal collaboration, with all files securely stored remotely in the cloud.


Call Management

With strict COVID guidelines in place, there are often not enough staff within the offices to answer every call live. Fortunately, Peterborough Boiler Services’ Horizon hosted telephony system allows for calls to be effectively managed from the point of contact.

If a call is missed, it is answered by an automated call handling service, with messages and alerts sent to staff by email to follow up on. Call volumes can also be easily monitored via an easy to use web portal, for visibility.

Would You Recommend Working With Welcomm?

“I’m very likely to recommend to be honest.

In fact, I have recommended Welcomm to a family member and fellow business owner.

Everyone that I’ve been in contact from Welcomm has been very good, they have looked after me!”

Nigel Foreman, Owner

A Word From Welcomm

“After speaking with Nigel, it was really clear to me what he needed for his business. And that was to be heard.

Having listened to the frustrations Nigel had with his incumbent supplier, I thought it would be helpful to bring in our experts – even just to give Nigel a chance to bounce some ideas off them, or pose the questions he had.

A lot of my customers have been with us at Welcomm for decades. It is my mission to ensure each customer understands how much we value their business.

I am very chuffed to have built a strong relationship with Nigel that led to him trusting us with his IT, Energy, Office, Telephony and Mobiles. Looking after a business from so many different angles makes resolving issues so much quicker!”

Sarah Pitcher

Account Development Manager at Welcomm Communications

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