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Consolidating Suppliers Results in £11k Savings

After months of missing calls, poor connectivity and inconsistent billing, PB Tyres Group looked to Welcomm to overhaul their telephony system, providing the clear, consistent service they needed to remain competitive in a fast-paced industry.

Customer Overview

PB Tyres Group comprises of 3 companies that have a ‘one stop shop’ offer for all commercial tyre requirements. PB Tyres UK LLP are a truck tyre wholesaler and one of the UK’s leading casing agents, with their customer base spanning across the UK and into Mainland Europe and Africa. They also have their very own major repair and re-treading facility just outside Milton Keynes. This is supported by two mobile tyre fitting businesses that offer complete tyre support across Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. They specialise in the repair and replacement of truck, van, agricultural, plant and earthmover tyres as well as proactive management of tyre assets through regular fleet inspections and tyre husbandry.

Hear from Bob Darling, General Manager at PB Tyres Group, as he shares his experience of working with Welcomm.

PB Tyres Group

PB Tyres UK Ltd

Northampton Tyres (Commercial Ltd)

Three Counties Tyres

The Challenge

In the fast-paced world of tyre replacement, responsiveness, reliability and communication are key. The focus of the business had always been on the quality service they provide, but not necessarily on the external services they receive. This meant that despite the high level of service delivered by staff, PB Tyres Group’s business operations were being let down by inconsistent phone systems, poor data connectivity, and a lack of digital processes.

After conducting an internal audit, Bob Darling, General Manager at PB Tyres Group was shocked to discover that the business was being billed by more than 15 suppliers, at vastly different rates, often with additional charges. PB Tyres Group looked to Welcomm to consolidate their services, and to overhaul their communications systems, deploying the latest technology to reduce costs and enhance day-to-day operations.

“We were dropping calls, the equipment was really poor, and we were receiving additional charges and extortionate variable rate fees.
When the phones ring, we have to be able to answer, or business will be lost to competition.Bob Darling

Key operational challenges included:

  • Giving staff the technology they need to meet the modern expectations of customers.
  • Providing an easy-to-use, accessible solution for non-technical personnel.
  • Missing calls, resulting in lost business.
  • Expensive variable rate charges for telephony and data connectivity.
  • Managing multiple suppliers of telephony, mobile and data connectivity services.

Key Solutions

  • Data Connectivity

  • Mobiles & Tablets

  • Hosted Telephony

What we needed from a Partner

PB Tyres Group were looking for a communications partner that would care about their business. After poor customer service experiences with previous suppliers, including with the major networks directly, they were looking for a partner who are at the other end of the phone when needed, who could make billing simple and transparent, and who would recommend the latest technology and solutions to enable them to compete for lucrative contracts.

“I’ve worked in the service industry for my entire working life, and I don’t have any reason to complain about the service I’ve received from anybody at Welcomm in the two and a half years I’ve been dealing with you. Everyone is always very helpful, welcoming and professional.” – Bob Darling, General Manager

The Solution

Key Account Manager Zoe Littlechild met with Bob at PB Tyres Group to discuss the ways that Welcomm could help simplify and revolutionise their communication systems. After reviewing all business requirements, Zoe and the Solutions Team at Welcomm were able to design and propose a bespoke hosted telephony system and data connectivity solution, in addition to the necessary mobile devices and O2 tariffs.

  • Horizon Hosted Telephony System

  • 100Mb/100Mb Data Connection

  • Upgraded Mobile & Tablet devices, fully managed and configured

  • Horizon Collaborate remote worker licences, enabled for a number of users at the start of lockdown, in addition to a secure VPN connection

The Outcome

  • Consolidation of PB Tyres Group’s telephony services resulted in a saving of over £11,000 in costs for the business.

  • Unexpected and inconsistent billing is no longer an issue for the business, replaced by a fully visible and transparent service.

  • A brand new hosted telephony system was rolled out across all 3 businesses within the PB Tyres Group, connecting desk phones and portable devices for remote workers.

  • The new phone system and communication workflow ensure that the business is reachable at any time for urgent callouts, meaning opportunities are no longer missed.
  • Tablet devices provided for mobile technicians ensure site reports are now completed instantly for rapid distribution to customers and managers, enabling the business to transition to a fully paperless reporting system.

  • PB Tyres Group now have the technology in place to bid for and win work that previously went to competitors.

  • Numerous failover features divert calls in the case of a local outage, ensuring that calls are answered at all times.

Would You Recommend Working With Welcomm?

“Definitely. The main thing for me is that they are local, and the service is personal. When you call an international call centre, there isn’t that relationship… I feel like Welcomm want to look after us and value our business.

I receive excellent customer service, and have really good relationships with all of the people I deal with. I know that I can trust them to do the right thing by my business, and I know that the support is there when needed.

Welcomm have recommended services that have saved us money and added value to our business, and you cannot put a price on that.”

Bob Darling, General Manager

A Word From Welcomm…

It’s been a pleasure to work with Bob and the team at PB Tyres Group over the past few years. I’m incredibly proud of the new technology solutions we have introduced to the business, and it’s great to hear how much of a difference we‘ve been able to make to their day-to-day operations. 

After listening to the issues that Bob and PB Tyres Group experienced with previous communications partners, including the major networks directly, I am confident that they are now in the right place, with the right partner. It’s our priority to maintain this level of service for Bob, as we value his business highly. 

Support is incredibly important to Bob, and whether it is through myself or our award-winning customer care team, Bob knows that he can immediately reach someone who understands his accounts, giving him the consistency of service he needs across all three businesses.

Thank you Bob for your kind words. We’re thrilled to have helped your business save such a substantial amount. I’m excited to see what the future holds for PB Tyres Group as your success is our success too!

Zoe Littlechild

Account Development Manager

Start your journey with Welcomm…

  • Award winning customer service, digital knowledge and operational support recognised by the major Networks

  • 50% of our staff work in support functions and are trained to the highest level to maintain our Platinum Partner status

  • Our partnership philosophy and dedicated account management service mean we take the time to understand business requirements before making recommendations

  • Our UK based Customer Care team operate a ‘3 Ring Call to Care’ policy, with one freephone number to call for help with all products and services – 0800 064 64 64

  • We have in-house expertise across all services, and as an SME we are able to remain agile and adaptable to business needs

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