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Machine to Machine

Become more efficient by letting your machines monitor faults, stock levels, data and more.  


Machine to machine (M2M) is automated data transmission at its best, controlling the ‘machine’ itself or the surrounding environment. Using a SIM, machines are able to communicate between themselves to alert your staff when an action is needed. 

  • Be alerted when a product is running low and needs re-stocking.
  • Know exactly when your vehicle fleet needs re-fuelling.
  • Let a machine measure gas usage in real-time for accurate billing. 

The applications are endless, and tailored to provide your business with the exact information you need. 


How can an M2M sim help your business? 

Welcomm Communications provide machine to machine sim cards to create an automated workflow between technologies for business customers.
The smart sim from Welcomm communications enables machine to machine working, so removes the need for human monitoring. Maximise your resources

The smart sim means that your employees won't need to continuously monitor machinery, therefore saving them time. So, your business can maximise human resources by re-assigning them onto other tasks. 

Machine to machine sims from Welcomm Communications reduce travel and wage costs as company machines will require less regular site visits. Save money

Travel costs and wages will be immediately reduced as your staff won’t need to travel between sites to monitor, test and needlessly check equipment. M2M automated reports will inform your staff to make a long trip, only when it’s necessary. 

Welcomm communicaion's machine to machine solution has excellent network coverage through Pangea. Optimise your machinery

M2M diagnostics can inform your team if a machine is working to its optimum capacity, or if an aspect of the functionality is reaching a critical point, to ensure that your technology is efficient at all times. 

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