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Data Dongles & Mi-Fi

Stay connected on the move with internet dongles, O2 pocket hotspots and 4G data sims. 

Welcomm Communications can provide mobile broadband to business staff on the go.

Whether you need to modify presentations on the train or provide customers with a mobile Wi-Fi signal, Welcomm’s flexible data solutions will Welcomm Communications offer remote data solutions, such as dongles, mi-fi hotspots and data sims for business customers. ensure you can get online wherever you are.

  • Dongles – A portable connection for laptops, to provide you with data where you don't have Wi-Fi. 
  • Data Sims – A data only sim which can be used in a 4G tablet.
  • Mi-Fi / Hotspots – Pocket sized units which provide you with a Wi-Fi signal wherever there's network coverage, so staff and clients can connect their devices simultaneously.  

Don't be restricted by your office - have the ability to connect anywhere. 


What are the advantages of using dongles and Mi-Fi?

Welcomm Communication's mobile data solutions provide businesses with a connection which is 10 times faster than mobile.  Work faster

These types of connections can be up to 10 times faster than a mobile, enabling your staff to be more productive on the go.  

Welcomm Communication's business customers who are on O2 are able to connect to over 7,000 Wi-Fi hotspots without registering. Work reliably

Ofcom and uSwitch have consistently ranked O2's mobile broadband above other networks for speed and responsiveness, so your staff can rest assured that their internet connection will not let them down. 

Welcomm Communication customers can work together easily by sharing an internet connection through an O2 Hotspot or Mi-Fi unit.Work together

Use a Mi-Fi unit or Hotspot to provide an internet connection to clients and colleagues within the vacinity - and excellent way to view files simultaneously. 

O2 broadband from Welcomm Communications comes with a 30 day happiness guarantee for business customers. Have peace of mind

O2’s award winning mobile broadband comes with a 30 day happiness guarantee, giving you peace of mind that you are on the right service for you. 


Welcomm's data sims can be used inside tablets to take flexible working to the next level. We have a large portfolio varying in price, specifications and design.To learn how tablets can help your business to succeed, please click here. 

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464.

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