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Business Messaging SMS

Text customers to ensure your message is getting through.

Welcomm Communications provide an SMS service for businesses who would like to reach their customers through text message.


Reach your customers more effectively with SMS messages - text current promotions, appointment reminders or survey questions direct to your customer’s mobile phone.

98% of text messages are read, 90% of those are read in 3 minutes. 


What can your company gain from Business Messaging?Welcomm Communications enable businesses to text their customers through an online business messaging portal.

Business Messaging from Welcomm Communications helps business communicate faster with their customers through text SMSFaster responses

It takes an average of 90 minutes to receive an email reply, but only 90 seconds to receive a reply via text message. Collate information from your customers quickly and stay ahead of your competitors.

Business Messaging from Welcomm Communications helps businesses to improve their customer service levels by staying in direct contact with customers via SMSImprove customer service

SMS messaging acts as a personal communication platform for you to connect with your customers. For example, you can utilise this through sending them helpful reminders about their appointments.

Using Business Messaging from Welcomm Communications provides additional opportunities for business to upsell products, through SMS marketingMore sales opportunities

Increase the chances of upselling your product portfolio by using SMS to market special offers and promotions on your latest range.

Business Messaging from Welcomm Communications enables companies to send vital information to their staff team

 Improve staff efficiency

Text your staff to ensure they have vital information like rotas or meeting locations.


Business Messaging from Welcomm Communications has a portal which provides reports on the success of text SMS campaigns
Clear campaign visibility

Analyse the success of your text campaigns through the portal’s live reports and statistics. Set customised filters to review data, such as when a text has delivered or how long it takes to deliver a message. 

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464. 

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