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Mobile Device Management

Protect your mobile devices from cyber threats getting in. Protect your corporate data from leaking out. 

Welcomm Communications help businesses protect and manage their mobile and tablets with IBMs MaaS360 and Microsoft Intune.

Recent studies show that 39% of people have downloaded malware onto a phone or tablet and around 10 million mobile devices are lost or stolen in the UK each year.  

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions protect a business from these eventualities by helping you to manage, monitor and secure your business mobiles, tablets and laptops.

  • Manage - Instantly register new devices to your corporate network and push authorised apps to their handsets
  • Monitor - Provide access to corporate files, but add policies to control how corporate data is being handled
  • ​​Security - ​All company devices will be protected from Malware and company data will remain secure even if a device is lost or stolen - with the locate, lock and wipe function

All your devices, securely managed.


How can a mobile device management application help your business?
IBM MaaS360 is available from Welcomm to help businesses manage their mobile devices and keep them secure.

MaaS360 from Welcomm Communications gives businesses an online portal where they can manage all mobiles and tablets. Streamline operations

Use the online portal to set up all of your corporate devices, so the correct apps and settings are installed ready for each employee. Manage all these devices from your computer from there onwards.

MaaS360 from Welcomm Communications provides security against malware and data leakage from company mobiles and tablets.Provides peace of mind Welcomm Communications provide Microsoft Intune to businesses wishing to protect and manage their corporate mobiles and tablets.

Know that your data and documentation will always remain secure by encrypting devices, controlling Wi-Fi settings and software updates, blacklisting applications and wiping data from lost/stolen devices.

MaaS360 from Welcomm Communications saves businesses time by allowing them to push internet settings and applications to mobiles and tablets. Save time and costs

Enrol staff into policies you’ve created for groups of people. For example, create a different set of rules for sales, marketing, IT, and simply add the new mobile/tablet to the group. This centralised, cloud-based management also reduces the cost of PC management.

MaaS360 from Welcomm Communications provides detailed reports on how employees are using their company devices, so businesses can improve their operations. Improve your visibility

View detailed graphical reports to see how staff are using their phones – how often they turn it on, which apps they visit frequently or how many times they view corporate documentation.

MaaS360 from Welcomm Communications helps businesses boost productivity by providing employees with secure files wherever they are. Work flexibly

Boost productivity by giving employees access to files on the go and choose to sync the devices with major email and calendar platforms.   

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