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Microsoft Office 365

Facilitate flexible working with access office files no matter where your employee travels.


Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based portal which gives your employees access to company files wherever there is an internet connection, including Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

Business is changing, staying in touch and keeping up to date has never been more important.

What can Office 365 bring to your business?

Office 365 from Welcomm Communications is flexible as 1 license gives business employees access to their files from many devicesFlexibility

Enable staff to work across multiple devices when out of the office as one license can be used to access files across 5 PCs, Macs, Tablets and Smartphones. Never be fixed to a desk and sync their email calendars on the go too!  

Office 365 from Welcomm is a cloud-based app, so can offer unlimited storageEnhanced storage

Gain from increased storage space for all your company data, helping you to free up internal servers and speed up daily operations.

Office 365 by Welcomm Communications is continually updated by security software so businesses know that their files are safeImproved security

All aspects of the platform are continuously updated with security and compliance measures, as well as being updated regularly to ward off cyber security threats. Your company data will be protected to the highest level.

Office 365 by Welcomm Communications can be purchased on a per license basis, so the solution is easily scalableMonetary savings

This product is purchased on a per license basis, so you only pay for how many you need. This makes it easy to scale your usage up or down, in line with the changing needs of your business.  

Increased productivity

Use Projects to maximise productivity by managing workflows across groups, assigning tasks to individuals and collaborating with external contacts.  

It’s not ‘one size fits all’ - our Trusted Digital Advisor can create a package which suits the features you will want to use, then provides IT expertise to help set up the licenses for seamless transition.


Want enhanced collaboration with Office 365? 

Completely transform the way your workers collaborate by combining Office 365 with Box. This content collaboration platform allows an employee to easily open Microsoft files on their mobiles with the unparalleled security of Box - keeping your corporate files protected from data leaks. With Box, users can also easily work on Office Online files without the need to download files, switch applications and store multiple versions within the company’s network. They can co-edit these documents and comment on previous edits, therefore working collaboratively on projects.

Click here to read more about Box. 

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