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Digital Forms

Enhance customer service, improve workflow and reap financial savings.

Welcomm Communications can help businesses go paperless by providing digital forms from Inkwrx

Take your forms to the customer effortlessly. 

With Inkwrx, field-based employees are able to collate data onto a tablet and send it back to your offices within minutes. Create and send your own digital forms, capturing the information you need online and so it instantly integrates with your back office system.

Fast, flexible and fully integratable. 


How can digital forms help your business?Inkwrx from Welcomm Communications lets businesses create their own digital forms for capturing data

Inkwrx from Welcomm Communications helps business employees be more productive by sending digital forms back to the office in minutesBetter for your workforce

There's no need for scanning, faxing or posting completed forms, so productivity levels increase by an average of 20%. Give your remote workers more time to focus on their core tasks.  

Inkwrx from Welcomm Communications saves businesses money on postage, transport and packaging costs by providing the company with a digital form solution. Better for your budget

An average Inkwrx user will save £250 per month due to reduced postage, transport and paper storage costs. 


Inkwrx from Welcomm Communications is better for businesses as it reduces a lengthy process of capturing and sorting customer data, by allowing companies to use digital formsBetter for your business

Data is immediately captured enabling faster invoicing and payment, thereby improving cash flow. Transmitting this data directly through the cloud also removes the chance of human error when processing key customer information. No more inefficiencies.

Inkwrx from Welcomm Communications is better for the environment as businesses will no longer need reels of paper to capture data, with these digital formsBetter for the environment

Inkwrx eliminates the need for paper or transportation, resulting in the removal of drudgery paperwork and a greener business.      

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