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Box Collaboration

Transform how you work and collaborate, securely, to achieve results faster. 

Welcomm Communications provide Box to all sized businesses, a content management and collaboration application which transforms business operations.

Box from Welcomm Communications allows business employees to share corporate files and collaborate on them securely.Employees today are working in new ways: working remotely across multiple devices, transferring files and attachments internally and externally – all of which increase cyber security threats. Box allows staff to securely share files with colleagues, customers and suppliers from anywhere, on any device.

Collaborate and share. Simply and securely.


Why choose Box for your business?

Box from Welcomm Communications boosts productivity by allowing business employees to collaborate on documents securely. Boost Productivity

Team members can collaborate on the same document, removing the need for emailing multiple versions around the business. Gain control also by viewing version history, authorising access to each folder and set permissions for uploads/downloads.

Box from Welcomm Communications is extremely secure, allowing business administrators the control to set passwords on confidential files being shared across the business.Improve Security

Share confidential documents with password-protected links and set expiry dates for when the link can no longer be viewed. You can also restrict whether a person can download a file, which prevents data from being leaked out of your business.

Box from Welcomm Communications enables flexible working by giving business employees access to files anywhere and from any device.Enable Flexible Working

Give employees the ability to access files from anywhere, on a PC, phone or tablet, becoming more efficient when out of the office.

Box from Welcomm Communications is extremely secure as all business files are hosted in the cloud.Save Costs

Box is hosted in the cloud so you only need an internet connection to start working, then sync offline. There’s no lengthy bills for on-site file storage and it frees up employee mailboxs from large attachments.

Which solutions does Box integrate with?

MaaS360Box from Welcomm Communications integrates with MaaS360 mobile device management.
Box has a close partnership with IBM, the creators of the mobile device management solution MaaS360. With MaaS360, an administrator can remove an employee’s access to Box files if they aren’t being compliant with your business’s mobile rules/policies. Click here.

Box from Welcomm Communications integrates with Microsoft Office 365.Office 365
Box works harmoniously with Microsoft Office 365 by enabling employees to access full versions of the Microsoft applications, whilst storing and sharing the documents securely. Click here.

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