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Machine to Machine

Become more efficient by letting your machines monitor faults, stock levels, data and more.  


Machine to machine (M2M) is automated data transmission at its best, controlling the ‘machine’ itself or the surrounding environment. Using a SIM, machines are able to communicate between themselves to alert your staff when an action is needed. 

  • Be alerted when a product is running low and needs re-stocking.
  • Know exactly when your vehicle fleet needs re-fuelling.
  • Let a machine measure gas usage in real-time for accurate billing. 

The applications are endless, and tailored to provide your business with the exact information you need. 


How can an M2M sim help your business? 

Welcomm Communications provide machine to machine sim cards to create an automated workflow between technologies for business customers.
The smart sim from Welcomm communications enables machine to machine working, so removes the need for human monitoring. Maximise your resources

The smart sim means that your employees won't need to continuously monitor machinery, therefore saving them time. So, your business can maximise human resources by re-assigning them onto other tasks. 

Machine to machine sims from Welcomm Communications reduce travel and wage costs as company machines will require less regular site visits. Save money

Travel costs and wages will be immediately reduced as your staff won’t need to travel between sites to monitor, test and needlessly check equipment. M2M automated reports will inform your staff to make a long trip, only when it’s necessary. 

Welcomm communicaion's machine to machine solution has excellent network coverage through Pangea. Optimise your machinery

M2M diagnostics can inform your team if a machine is working to its optimum capacity, or if an aspect of the functionality is reaching a critical point, to ensure that your technology is efficient at all times. 

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464.             

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Hosted Voice Telephony

Improve flexibility and productivity with hosted VoIP telephony



VoIP telephony is a complete communications solution which is fully hosted in the cloud. The service provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities to support the growing trend for home and flexible working. 

Hosted telephony takes the burden away from your IT team as all of the advanced productivity features can be accessed via an easy-to-use web portal, allowing your team to configure the system according to your organisation's needs. Employees can then manage their calls easily and effectively, greatly enhancing efficiency and customer service. 

Future-proof your most vital communications systems and reap the benefits of the advanced technology features. 


Horizon Hosted Voice from Gamma

Horizon runs on Gamma's business-only voice and data network. Most providers share their network load between consumer and business traffic, meaning that the performance of the network can decline and cause connectivity issues which affect hosted telephony. Gamma provides business-first connectivity with lines being dedicated to businesses only and prioritising this traffic. This benefits our customers with reliably faster speeds and a more stable network for telephony to run through. 

Gamma Horizon Hosted Voice Portal available from Welcomm

Gamma's award-winning fully hosted Horizon VoIP solution offers a complete business communications system which has excellent quality, due to the underlying network infrastructure. It also provides an easy-to-use web interface to enable users to manage calls remotely from their browser: re-routing calls internally or to mobile, placing diverts, adding call queues and monitoring the activity via detailed reports. This enables your business to provide a seamless customer service experience. 

Click here to learn more about Horizon Hosted Voice 

Recommendation: Ideal for any sized business, particularly those that have multiple sites working together.   

  • Premium handsets plus desktop and mobile clients
  • Web portal
  • Gamma IP network and Broadsoft call controller platform
  • Rich features
  • Price flexibility 


Mitel Hybrid Communications

Mitel is a part-hosted solution which provides you with the flexibility of re-using your existing wiring in order to reduce the costs of deploying a new communications solution. It combines traditional digital-based phone system architectures with IP telephony in order to provide you with a complete solution that can address additional communication needs: audio conferencing, client interaction, mobility and messaging.

Mitel communications system provided by Welcomm Communications.

Furthermore, your employees can easily "twin" their desk phone with up to 8 other communications devices, providing enhanced personal accessibility. Calls can ring all twinned devices at the same time or cascade from 1 device to the next. 


Click here to learn more about Mitel Hybrid Communications


Recommendation: Ideally designed for small and medium-sized businesses who would access to the latest IP phones and productivity-enhancing applications without migrating to a fully hosted solution. 

  • Cost reduction through hybrid
  • No more 'out of office' with twinning
  • Supports external unified communications



8x8 Enterprise Communications as a Service (ECaaS)

The defining characteristic of 8x8 is that it provides one integrated platform for all business communications in a contact centre solution environment, including personalised customer service in the contact center and advanced performance analytics.

8x8 is part of an "enterprise-grade" global network which ensures that voice communications, placed or received anywhere on the globe on any device, have the same consistent quality as a local or internal call within a single area code. This Reach Network is typically more stable than local data servers, resulting in a highly reliable call flow processing uptime of 99.997%. Moreover, most maintenance services are completely seamless, moving call flow from one data center to another without dropping a single call. 

Moreover, 8x8 includes valued features to enhance productivity, such as click-to-call, a screen pop of a customer record with every incoming call, single sign-on and deep integrations with many leading applications. The solution also provides rich statistics on this efficiency through big data and performance analysis which track the entire customer journey, helping businesses uncover leads and customer service opportunities. 

Click here to learn more about 8x8 ECaaS



Recommendation: 8x8 is ideally suited to businesses with 50-250 employees and is an excellent solutions for those running a contact center. 

  • Contact Centre
  • ​Global Voice
  • Team Collaboration
  • Fax
  • Text/IM
  • QM / WFO
  • Perfectly Integrated Meetings
  • Analytics




Call us for more information on 0800 064 64 64.

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Cloud Back Up

Enhance your IT's security and productivity



Cloud Backup, supplied by Gamma, is a solution that allows organisations to backup data stored on their servers into a secure, and highly resilient facility, within the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure in the UK. It's best described as a managed ‘Backup as a Service’ (BaaS) as your business data is held offsite, in the cloud. 

Offering peace of mind, simply manage your data without concerning yourself with the worry of using insecure infrastructure to protect your most crucial business assets. 

IT security is changing. Servers and storage are now a target for malicious activity - stay ahead and secure your data through Cloud Backup.


Why choose Cloud Back-up?

Become cost effective

Small businesses don’t have unlimited IT budgets. For as little as a few hundred pounds per quarter, your organisation can have all of its data backed up to the cloud.

Increase productivity

Cloud Backup solutions make ongoing management and restoration easy. With just a few clicks of the mouse, backed up files can be easily found and restored.


Security Peace of Mind

It’s important to keep a copy of files offsite. Keeping backed up files in the cloud ensures data is safe no matter what is going on at your office.

Become Time Efficient

Cloud Backup doesn’t require an additional time commitment - files are backed up to the cloud automatically every 24 hours. 

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464. 

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Why Welcomm Energy?

Simplify your operations by receiving all of your business solutions from one provider. 


Compare your business gas, electricity and water bills through Welcomm Energy.

Welcomm Energy was formed following an internal audit which found that Welcomm could save a great deal, simply by comparing gas, electricity and water costs. The savings were so vast that we felt this option should be passed to our customers - to help other business compare rates frequently so they can also be confident that they are getting the best deal.

You have nothing to lose, but potentially a lot to save. 


What do we compare? 

Gas Electricity Water

Our team will contact the UK's top 25 energy providers in order to provide your business with quotes on gas, electricity and water. We will then compare rates on your behalf, provide you with a choice of bespoke quotes and organise every step of the switching process. All you have to do is read the meter. 

Compare and save money

Continuing with the same energy rates year on year is a costly trap that businesses can fall into. Using an impartial company like Welcomm will ensure that your monthly spend reflects the best deals on the market, helping you save money wherever possible.

Save time

Searching for quotes yourself can be a lengthy process. This valuable time can be used to drive your business forward, whilst Welcomm pull comparisons together for you to review in minutes.

Gain reassurance

Receive advice from our energy specialists on market changes, supplier information and quote options. Then, once you've chosen your desired tariff, rest assured that we will be in touch when your energy is up for renewal, so we can compare and help you save at exactly the right time. 

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464.

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How to Save

We compare providers to make sure you're on the right deal for your business


Our specialists will compare quotes from 25 energy providers in order to offer savings of up to 50% on electricity, gas and water. Even if you're still in contract you can secure today's rates for a new contract to start when your existing one ends.

Once an option has been found for you, you're free to sign for up to 5 years ensuring that the low cost rates will be secured for you long-term. This could save you hundreds as locked in rates are unaffected by increasing market prices.

Whether you have multi-meter sites or just the one meter, Welcomm energy can cater for all.


Switching is as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Provide us with a copy of your current bill

Email your bill by clicking enquire now at the top of this page. The energy team will then email a Letter of Authority for you to sign. This allows us to access your meter details and act on your behalf to gain quotes, so you can get on with your day.

2. We contact energy providers

Our team will contact the top 25 suppliers in the market to find the best rates for your usage. This information will then be compiled into a Summary Report and sent over to you for review.

3. Leave the rest to us!

Once you've decided on the right deal and length of contract, the rest can be left to us! We submit your contract and issue a termination to your supplier if you've chosen to switch. The transfer of services will occur seamlessly at the end of your existing contract.

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464.

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First-class connectivity: a dedicated, secure, uncontended service for all voice and data traffic.

Welcomm Communications provide ethernet solutions to businesses, the most powerful data solution.


As more services move into the cloud, the need for reliable internet has become essential. Welcomm’s Ethernet solution is uncontended, highly powerful and available to 99.9% of the UK.

Don't be held back; have access to your own, dedicated fibre internet connection.


How will ethernet help my business?

Welcomm Communication's ethernet solutions helps to boost business productivity by providing dedicated bandwidth, making the solution extremely reliableBoosts productivity

Your business will receive dedicated bandwidth so you gain quick and reliable access to critical files and applications, allowing your staff to perform at optimum levels of efficiency.

Welcomm Communication's ethernet internet helps to give businesses flexibility with a fast service which is easy to upgradeGives you flexibility

Not only will you receive an extremely fast service, you also have the flexibility to upgrade your bandwidth, and therefore performance, whenever it's needed.

Welcomm Communication's ethernet internet services helps businesses to transition to cloud services by converging phones with data as SIP or VoIPEnables a transition to cloud services

There are significant cost savings gained by combining your voice and data onto one connection. Ethernet enables this convergence as the most powerful data solution available to businesses today.

Welcomm Commuications provide peace of mind with their ethernet internet service due to offering a fully managed business service and fix timesPeace of mind

Ethernet provides high resilience, but with Welcomm you get a fully managed service with failover options and excellent fix time SLAs. So you can rest assured that your connectivity will always be taken care of, leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business.

What ethernet options are available?

FTTC Ethernet

This powerful converged solution satisfied the needs of businesses requiring constant connectivity, high availability of internet and the option to add a VoIP telephone system. The beauty of this product is the price tag; it's an entry-level Ethernet solution which provides the power and features of a premium service but with significantly lower costs.

Recommendation: Medium sized businesses looking for a premium internet service with high-availability, high-capacity but a low price tag.
Ethernet in the First Mile

EFM is seen as an ideal upgrade from broadband services. It offers a dedicated connection for an individual business; a robust solution, high capacity data service which provides strong business continuity.

Recommendation: Ideal for medium to multi-office businesses looking for increased bandwidth, but as a middle ground solution, only paying for the data you need.  
Fibre Ethernet
Fibre Ethernet is the top data connectivity available for businesses. Dedicated, secure, uncontended business-class connections for all your voice and data traffic. Also use this highly reliable and extremely fast data connection to provide your employees with speedy access to critical files  and applications, so your business can perform at optimum levels of efficiency.
Recommendation: Ideal for medium to multi-site businesses wishing to converge voice and data, currently experiencing computer network issues or those wishing to expand your range of coverage.

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464.

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Our full range of broadband services are designed exclusively for the business market – offices and homeworkers.

Welcomm Communications offer a full range of broadband services for businesses, offices and homeworkers.


Welcomm partners with Gamma to provide you with an extremely high-quality, business only network. This means that your internet capability won't be affected by heavy consumer traffic, can support future proof IP telephony (SIP and VoIP) and is fully supported by a highly-skilled group of UK-based support staff and engineers.

Join a business only network and get the professional service you expect.


How will next-generation broadband help my business?Welcomm Communications provide broadband solutions to business of all sizes

Welcomm Communications provide peace of mind for business customers using broadband services, due to fix SLA times.Provides peace of mind

Welcomm broadband services come with an enhanced fix SLA. 


Welcomm's broadband services can help business transition onto cloud applications and IP telephony. Helps you become future-proof

The large range of options available will help your business transition towards a digital future. Whether it's through more powerful broadband which can support applications or through services which support IP telephony, your business will have the edge.

Welcomm Communications broadband solutions sit on a business only network, so they are highly resilientIncreased Resilience

These services sit on a business-only network, so it isn't crowded with consumer traffic, meaning you receive a more optimised service. 

Welcomm Communications business broadband solutions come with unlimited usage. Save Costs

No need to top up your broadband; all Welcomm services come with unlimited usage limits.

What broadband options are available?


This next-generation broadband offers an enhanced data service on an analog line, ideal for connecting businesses wishing to use digital applications like Office365 and Box.

Recommendation: Ideal for home or small offices who need a professional service without a large price tag.
Fibre Broadband

Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) broadband uses fibre optic cables to enable superfast speeds. It can support multiple users, enabling them to operate more effectively, even with multiple programs open.

Recommendation: Ideal for any sized business who require increased bandwidth/speed.
Converged Broadband

This solution allows you to combine voice calls and broadband within the same circuit, thereby increasing the quality and reliability of both these services all year round. Voice quality is consistent and there's also the option of upgrading your broadband connection so that you're ready to move to cloud services in the future.

Recommendation: Ideal for a small sized office looking to upgrade their broadband fix times and benefit from hosted voice services.
Assured Broadband

A specialist broadband designed to support our SIP and VoIP telephony services. Assured broadband gives you a dedicated voice network, which allows you to benefit from improved call clarity, reliability, lower call costs, and disaster recovery.

Recommendation: For small to medium-sized businesses looking to migrate their telephony to the cloud.

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464.

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Data Connectivity

Helping businesses improve connection speeds and reliability.

Welcomm Communications provide data internet services for companies, supported on a business only network for high reliability


There is an ever-increasing need for bandwidth due to business applications moving to the cloud.                                                                   

Having a powerful data connection is crucial to everyday business operations.


Why should I consider upgrading my office internet?

Welcomm Communications provide data internet services for businesses to help be more productive as the organisation growsEnables Growth

As your business grows, your technology needs to grow too. With more and more staff connecting to your office's core network, it's likely to slow down and impair productivity. So it's crucial that you're on the best service to suit your changing needs.

Welcomm Communications provide robust data internet solutions which help to support a busines when using cloud applications. Enhances Productivity

More robust solutions are able to support digital applications which will boost your company's productivity and efficiency, such as hosted telephony or Office365. So much business is now digital that your daily operations will be much more effective with a good data connection.

Welcomm Communications data internet solutions can help a company move toward IP telephony, converging voice and data to save costsSave Convergence Costs

Traditional office landlines are soon to become redundant, therefore all businesses are required to switch to an IP based solution. Hosted SIP or VoIP needs to be supported by a powerful internet connection. Therefore, upgrading both telephones and data together is a sure way of saving costs in the long term.

What options are available to my business? Welcomm Communications have a specialist team on hand to help with data internet support

Welcomm's specialist team will help recommend the best service to suit your business. This is based on multiple factors including business size, location and the solutions it will support.

Whether you work from home with 1-2 staff or have multiple sites with high data usage, we have a solution to suit your needs from our Welcomm Communications are a Platinum Partner of Gamma to help businesses with data internet. business partner network, Gamma.

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464.

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Box Collaboration

Transform how you work and collaborate, securely, to achieve results faster. 

Welcomm Communications provide Box to all sized businesses, a content management and collaboration application which transforms business operations.

Box from Welcomm Communications allows business employees to share corporate files and collaborate on them securely.Employees today are working in new ways: working remotely across multiple devices, transferring files and attachments internally and externally – all of which increase cyber security threats. Box allows staff to securely share files with colleagues, customers and suppliers from anywhere, on any device.

Collaborate and share. Simply and securely.


Why choose Box for your business?

Box from Welcomm Communications boosts productivity by allowing business employees to collaborate on documents securely. Boost Productivity

Team members can collaborate on the same document, removing the need for emailing multiple versions around the business. Gain control also by viewing version history, authorising access to each folder and set permissions for uploads/downloads.

Box from Welcomm Communications is extremely secure, allowing business administrators the control to set passwords on confidential files being shared across the business.Improve Security

Share confidential documents with password-protected links and set expiry dates for when the link can no longer be viewed. You can also restrict whether a person can download a file, which prevents data from being leaked out of your business.

Box from Welcomm Communications enables flexible working by giving business employees access to files anywhere and from any device.Enable Flexible Working

Give employees the ability to access files from anywhere, on a PC, phone or tablet, becoming more efficient when out of the office.

Box from Welcomm Communications is extremely secure as all business files are hosted in the cloud.Save Costs

Box is hosted in the cloud so you only need an internet connection to start working, then sync offline. There’s no lengthy bills for on-site file storage and it frees up employee mailboxs from large attachments.

Which solutions does Box integrate with?

MaaS360Box from Welcomm Communications integrates with MaaS360 mobile device management.
Box has a close partnership with IBM, the creators of the mobile device management solution MaaS360. With MaaS360, an administrator can remove an employee’s access to Box files if they aren’t being compliant with your business’s mobile rules/policies. Click here.

Box from Welcomm Communications integrates with Microsoft Office 365.Office 365
Box works harmoniously with Microsoft Office 365 by enabling employees to access full versions of the Microsoft applications, whilst storing and sharing the documents securely. Click here.

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464.

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Mobile Device Management

Protect your mobile devices from cyber threats getting in. Protect your corporate data from leaking out. 

Welcomm Communications help businesses protect and manage their mobile and tablets with IBMs MaaS360 and Microsoft Intune.

Recent studies show that 39% of people have downloaded malware onto a phone or tablet and around 10 million mobile devices are lost or stolen in the UK each year.  

Mobile device management (MDM) solutions protect a business from these eventualities by helping you to manage, monitor and secure your business mobiles, tablets and laptops.

  • Manage - Instantly register new devices to your corporate network and push authorised apps to their handsets
  • Monitor - Provide access to corporate files, but add policies to control how corporate data is being handled
  • ​​Security - ​All company devices will be protected from Malware and company data will remain secure even if a device is lost or stolen - with the locate, lock and wipe function

All your devices, securely managed.


How can a mobile device management application help your business?
IBM MaaS360 is available from Welcomm to help businesses manage their mobile devices and keep them secure.

MaaS360 from Welcomm Communications gives businesses an online portal where they can manage all mobiles and tablets. Streamline operations

Use the online portal to set up all of your corporate devices, so the correct apps and settings are installed ready for each employee. Manage all these devices from your computer from there onwards.

MaaS360 from Welcomm Communications provides security against malware and data leakage from company mobiles and tablets.Provides peace of mind Welcomm Communications provide Microsoft Intune to businesses wishing to protect and manage their corporate mobiles and tablets.

Know that your data and documentation will always remain secure by encrypting devices, controlling Wi-Fi settings and software updates, blacklisting applications and wiping data from lost/stolen devices.

MaaS360 from Welcomm Communications saves businesses time by allowing them to push internet settings and applications to mobiles and tablets. Save time and costs

Enrol staff into policies you’ve created for groups of people. For example, create a different set of rules for sales, marketing, IT, and simply add the new mobile/tablet to the group. This centralised, cloud-based management also reduces the cost of PC management.

MaaS360 from Welcomm Communications provides detailed reports on how employees are using their company devices, so businesses can improve their operations. Improve your visibility

View detailed graphical reports to see how staff are using their phones – how often they turn it on, which apps they visit frequently or how many times they view corporate documentation.

MaaS360 from Welcomm Communications helps businesses boost productivity by providing employees with secure files wherever they are. Work flexibly

Boost productivity by giving employees access to files on the go and choose to sync the devices with major email and calendar platforms.   

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464.

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McAfee Multi Access

Rest assured knowing all business devices are protected from cyber threats.  Welcomm Communications provide businesses with McAfee Multi Access, security software to protect corporate mobiles, tablets and PCs.



McAfee is extremely simple to set up and works across all major browsers, including Safari, Chrome and Firefox. 

All your devices. Always protected.


How does McAfee help your business?

McAfee Multi Access from Welcomm Communications provides anti-virus protection for up to 5 business devices per license. Protects your investment 

Whether on a phone, tablet or PC, anti-virus software protects company devices against malware, botnets, spy-ware and identify theft. This protects your investment by making it hard for hackers to corrupt. It even protects those employees using less secure Wi-Fi hotspots.

McAfee Multi Access from Welcomm Communications lets a user lock and wipe their mobile or tablet if it's lost or stolen. Protects company data

McAfee Multi Access, available from Welcomm Communications, helps protect business mobile devices from malware, viruses and spam.If a device is lost or stolen, McAfee lets the user lock the device and wipe it of all company files. Your employee can also activate an alarm on the device when it's misplaced, to help them find it easily.

McAfee Multi Access from Welcomm Communications provides business employees with one license to protect up to 5 devices. Save money

One license can provide protection for up to 5 devices, so workers can switch between technologies without it costing you.


How can you protect and control the entire mobile fleet? 

McAfee is an excellent solution for giving a staff member visibility of security alerts, so they can ensure they’re working safely across all of their devices.

However, Mobile Device Management enables fast deployment of mobiles to all workers and centralised control over what content they are viewing, how corporate files are being accessed and how much mobile data they’re using. To read more, please Click hereWelcomm Communications offer MaaS360 from IBM as a mobile device management security product for businesses.

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464.

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Digital Forms

Enhance customer service, improve workflow and reap financial savings.

Welcomm Communications can help businesses go paperless by providing digital forms from Inkwrx

Take your forms to the customer effortlessly. 

With Inkwrx, field-based employees are able to collate data onto a tablet and send it back to your offices within minutes. Create and send your own digital forms, capturing the information you need online and so it instantly integrates with your back office system.

Fast, flexible and fully integratable. 


How can digital forms help your business?Inkwrx from Welcomm Communications lets businesses create their own digital forms for capturing data

Inkwrx from Welcomm Communications helps business employees be more productive by sending digital forms back to the office in minutesBetter for your workforce

There's no need for scanning, faxing or posting completed forms, so productivity levels increase by an average of 20%. Give your remote workers more time to focus on their core tasks.  

Inkwrx from Welcomm Communications saves businesses money on postage, transport and packaging costs by providing the company with a digital form solution. Better for your budget

An average Inkwrx user will save £250 per month due to reduced postage, transport and paper storage costs. 


Inkwrx from Welcomm Communications is better for businesses as it reduces a lengthy process of capturing and sorting customer data, by allowing companies to use digital formsBetter for your business

Data is immediately captured enabling faster invoicing and payment, thereby improving cash flow. Transmitting this data directly through the cloud also removes the chance of human error when processing key customer information. No more inefficiencies.

Inkwrx from Welcomm Communications is better for the environment as businesses will no longer need reels of paper to capture data, with these digital formsBetter for the environment

Inkwrx eliminates the need for paper or transportation, resulting in the removal of drudgery paperwork and a greener business.      

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464.

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Microsoft Office 365

Facilitate flexible working with access office files no matter where your employee travels.


Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based portal which gives your employees access to company files wherever there is an internet connection, including Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

Business is changing, staying in touch and keeping up to date has never been more important.

What can Office 365 bring to your business?

Office 365 from Welcomm Communications is flexible as 1 license gives business employees access to their files from many devicesFlexibility

Enable staff to work across multiple devices when out of the office as one license can be used to access files across 5 PCs, Macs, Tablets and Smartphones. Never be fixed to a desk and sync their email calendars on the go too!  

Office 365 from Welcomm is a cloud-based app, so can offer unlimited storageEnhanced storage

Gain from increased storage space for all your company data, helping you to free up internal servers and speed up daily operations.

Office 365 by Welcomm Communications is continually updated by security software so businesses know that their files are safeImproved security

All aspects of the platform are continuously updated with security and compliance measures, as well as being updated regularly to ward off cyber security threats. Your company data will be protected to the highest level.

Office 365 by Welcomm Communications can be purchased on a per license basis, so the solution is easily scalableMonetary savings

This product is purchased on a per license basis, so you only pay for how many you need. This makes it easy to scale your usage up or down, in line with the changing needs of your business.  

Increased productivity

Use Projects to maximise productivity by managing workflows across groups, assigning tasks to individuals and collaborating with external contacts.  

It’s not ‘one size fits all’ - our Trusted Digital Advisor can create a package which suits the features you will want to use, then provides IT expertise to help set up the licenses for seamless transition.


Want enhanced collaboration with Office 365? 

Completely transform the way your workers collaborate by combining Office 365 with Box. This content collaboration platform allows an employee to easily open Microsoft files on their mobiles with the unparalleled security of Box - keeping your corporate files protected from data leaks. With Box, users can also easily work on Office Online files without the need to download files, switch applications and store multiple versions within the company’s network. They can co-edit these documents and comment on previous edits, therefore working collaboratively on projects.

Click here to read more about Box. 

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464.

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Mobile Recording

Hello Legal Compliance. Goodbye Customer Complaints. 

Mobile Voice Recording from Welcomm Communications helps businesses become compliant with MiFID II by recording calls and texts.


Mobile Recording from O2 seamlessly records calls and texts made/received from any mobiles you register.

A straightforward service to solve a vast number of complications.  


How can Mobile Recording help your business?

Mobile Voice Recording from Welcomm Communications helps customers be complaint with MiFid 2 regulationsBecome compliant

Store your conversations for 5 years or more, making your company compliant with the Markets In Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) regulation.

Mobile Voice Recording from Welcomm Communications helps a business eradicate disputes with customers and staff. Protect your brand

Eradicate disputes; no more claims that customers have received the wrong item and no more debates with employees. 

Mobile Voice Recording from Welcomm Commmunications is a secure solution for storing calls and textsGiving you peace of mind

All recordings are stored and encrypted for complete security, with this CAS(T) accredited service, so you can rest assured that your data is safe. 

Mobile Voice Recording from Welcomm Communications gives business instant call recording, without the need for an app
Record effortlessly

Calls will be automatically recorded when staff are at home or abroad. There's no need to download an app as the recording is built in, leaving your workers free to get on with their working day. 


The service is fully compatible with all the leading CRM systems and its dual streaming means you can record multiple calls at the same time.    


Security Applications

Welcomm offer a range of other mobile security applications to give your business peace of mind.

  • Welcomm Communications can provide Microsoft Intune for business customers to help them protect mobiles and tablets.Welcomm Communications can provide IBM's MaaS360 mobile device management application.Mobile Device Management - a solution which protects your devices from malware whilst allowing you to manage applications, set staff restrictions and locate and wipe lost/stolen devices. 
  • Welcomm Communications can provide McAfee for businesses to help them protect their devices from malware and cyber threats.McAfee protects from viruses, spam and malware attacks. One license can protect up to 5 devices.

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464.

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Vehicle Tracking

With VeriLocation’s web-based GPS/GSM vehicle tracking system, you can have full access to your fleet at all times, wherever you are.

Welcomm Communications offer a GPS vehicle tracking to businesses.


With more vehicles on the road than ever before, tracking has become an increasingly important tool for employers with an established fleet. From improved customer service and workforce productivity, to lower fleet running costs, your operations will be enhanced on every level.

Our innovative tracking systems will optimise the way your business runs from day one of installation.


Why consider Vehicle Tracking?

Welcomm Communications offer a vehicle tracking solution for businesses which automatically records vehicle movements.

Vehicle Tracking from Welcomm Communications reduces fuel and overtime costs by making it clear which route is shortest. Reduce costs

Reduce fuel and overtime costs by tracking your fleet to ensure they are working efficiently by travelling the shortest route - guarantee a greener fleet with less emissions.

Verilocation from Welcomm Communications can increase productivity by providing real-time information regarding the locations of a business's vehicle fleet. Increase productivity

Having the up-to-date locations of your fleet will enable your business to book new jobs immediately, ensuring a quick call out time by choosing a vehicle within a close proximity. Real-time traffic updates also enables you to provide more accurate ETAs to your customers.

Vehicle Tracking from Welcomm Communications can help a business adhere to driver safety laws by showing how often they have taken breaks during a trip. Comply with safety laws

Long-haul drivers are required, by law, to take several breaks during their trip to ensure they get adequate rest to drive safely. Vehicle tracking allows you to monitor when their vehicle is turned off, so you can ensure that your staff are taking the right amount of breaks for the right amount of time.

Vehicle tracking from Welcomm Communications can help a business save costs by proving mileage claims. Track mileage claims

Ensure that your company mileage claims are accurate by comparing them to the real-time tracking data. 

Machine to Machine Sims

Vehicle tracking utilises machine to machine sims – a small sim placed into the vehicle which communicates the activity of that vehicle to a computer.
Click here to read about Machine to Machine. 

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464.

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Data Dongles & Mi-Fi

Stay connected on the move with internet dongles, O2 pocket hotspots and 4G data sims. 

Welcomm Communications can provide mobile broadband to business staff on the go.

Whether you need to modify presentations on the train or provide customers with a mobile Wi-Fi signal, Welcomm’s flexible data solutions will Welcomm Communications offer remote data solutions, such as dongles, mi-fi hotspots and data sims for business customers. ensure you can get online wherever you are.

  • Dongles – A portable connection for laptops, to provide you with data where you don't have Wi-Fi. 
  • Data Sims – A data only sim which can be used in a 4G tablet.
  • Mi-Fi / Hotspots – Pocket sized units which provide you with a Wi-Fi signal wherever there's network coverage, so staff and clients can connect their devices simultaneously.  

Don't be restricted by your office - have the ability to connect anywhere. 


What are the advantages of using dongles and Mi-Fi?

Welcomm Communication's mobile data solutions provide businesses with a connection which is 10 times faster than mobile.  Work faster

These types of connections can be up to 10 times faster than a mobile, enabling your staff to be more productive on the go.  

Welcomm Communication's business customers who are on O2 are able to connect to over 7,000 Wi-Fi hotspots without registering. Work reliably

Ofcom and uSwitch have consistently ranked O2's mobile broadband above other networks for speed and responsiveness, so your staff can rest assured that their internet connection will not let them down. 

Welcomm Communication customers can work together easily by sharing an internet connection through an O2 Hotspot or Mi-Fi unit.Work together

Use a Mi-Fi unit or Hotspot to provide an internet connection to clients and colleagues within the vacinity - and excellent way to view files simultaneously. 

O2 broadband from Welcomm Communications comes with a 30 day happiness guarantee for business customers. Have peace of mind

O2’s award winning mobile broadband comes with a 30 day happiness guarantee, giving you peace of mind that you are on the right service for you. 


Welcomm's data sims can be used inside tablets to take flexible working to the next level. We have a large portfolio varying in price, specifications and design.To learn how tablets can help your business to succeed, please click here. 

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464.

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Device Security

There is a business cyber attack every 40 seconds. Protect your devices now. 

Mobile Communications can provide security applications for business mobiles and tablets, to protect against cyber threats.

Be smart. Be secure. 

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Welcomm Communications can provide security products to protect business mobiles and tablets from cyber threats.

Would you like the ability to protect your company devices whilst also managing how employees are using their phones?

Mobile device management applications allow you to set restrictions, force the use of key security features, locate and wipe devices and even monitor data usage. The functionalities are extensive. Click here for MDM.

Welcomm Communications offer MaaS360 Mobile Device Management to help business protect against malware, control staff applications and set restrictions.

Welcomm Communications offer Microsoft Intune as a mobile device management platform for protecting business mobiles from malware, managing applications and deploying devices.




This digital product can be quickly added to your mobile or data contracts to help protect your devices from spam, malware and viruses. It’s a straightforward solution for immediate peace of mind. Click here for McAfee.

Welcomm Communications provide McAfee to businesses to help protect them against malware, viruses and spam.

Call us for more information on 08000646464.

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Powerful tablets so your team can be productive. Anywhere. Anytime.  

How will tablets help your business to succeed?

Welcomm Communications offer 3G and 4G data enabled tablets from a range of providersBe more productive

Enable your staff to continue working when they're on the go, being able to access the internet to work on files, but without having the burden of carrying a heavy laptop when they travel.

Welcomm Communications provide a dedicated account manager for every business customers who purchases mobiles or tabletsEnhance your status

Impress clients by taking them through product designs or presentations on a stylish tablet. A larger screen than mobile but more practical than a desktop or laptop. 

Welcomm Communications have a close relationships with O2 and Gamma as their telecommunication providers for mobiles and tabletsReduce your carbon footprint

Use a tablet to help your company go paperless. No need to print reams of billing sheets or sales propositions - simply show the customer on a visual display and email straight to their inbox. 

Business tablets from Welcomm Communications help a company become cloud ready for future digital services. Become cloud ready

Cloud digital services help businesses reach their full potential. Having an internet-ready tablet means these services can be accessed at any time through an app or online portal, thereby providing your staff with the tools they need to perform at their best. Click here to read about Welcomm's Hosted digital services. 

How do I keep my business tablets secure?Welcomm Communications can provide security applications to protect businesses from cyber threats.

We offer applications to help secure your mobiles and tablets, for extra peace of mind.

  • Mobile Device Management - solutions protect your network and let your managers control which apps staff can see and who can access corporate data.
  • McAfee Multi Access - protects your business devices from viruses, spam and malware attacks. Up to 5 devices with 1 license. 

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464. 

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Business Messaging SMS

Text customers to ensure your message is getting through.

Welcomm Communications provide an SMS service for businesses who would like to reach their customers through text message.


Reach your customers more effectively with SMS messages - text current promotions, appointment reminders or survey questions direct to your customer’s mobile phone.

98% of text messages are read, 90% of those are read in 3 minutes. 


What can your company gain from Business Messaging?Welcomm Communications enable businesses to text their customers through an online business messaging portal.

Business Messaging from Welcomm Communications helps business communicate faster with their customers through text SMSFaster responses

It takes an average of 90 minutes to receive an email reply, but only 90 seconds to receive a reply via text message. Collate information from your customers quickly and stay ahead of your competitors.

Business Messaging from Welcomm Communications helps businesses to improve their customer service levels by staying in direct contact with customers via SMSImprove customer service

SMS messaging acts as a personal communication platform for you to connect with your customers. For example, you can utilise this through sending them helpful reminders about their appointments.

Using Business Messaging from Welcomm Communications provides additional opportunities for business to upsell products, through SMS marketingMore sales opportunities

Increase the chances of upselling your product portfolio by using SMS to market special offers and promotions on your latest range.

Business Messaging from Welcomm Communications enables companies to send vital information to their staff team

 Improve staff efficiency

Text your staff to ensure they have vital information like rotas or meeting locations.


Business Messaging from Welcomm Communications has a portal which provides reports on the success of text SMS campaigns
Clear campaign visibility

Analyse the success of your text campaigns through the portal’s live reports and statistics. Set customised filters to review data, such as when a text has delivered or how long it takes to deliver a message. 

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464. 

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Mobile Conference Calling

Hassle-free conference calling on the move, using just your mobile number.

Welcomm Communications can provide a hassle-free mobile conference calling solution for businesses.


Conference calls are a cost effective way to bring your people together.


How will this conference calling solution help you? 

Just Call Me Conference Calling from Welcomm Communications requires no pin codes, so is hassle-freeMake things easier

It's hassle-free. Participants don't need a PIN number, they simply dial the host's mobile and begin. No complications. No hidden charges. 

Just Call Me Conference Calling for businesses, by Welcomm Communications, lets the host control multiple conference callsGain complete control

Manage all conference calls through an app - mute, muffle, or even remove participants - giving you complete control at all times. 

Just Call Me Conference calling from Welcomm Communications allows businesses to invite their customers to host conference calls themselves Be more productive

Work efficiently by scheduling two calls at once and switching between them when needed. Even have the power to swap participants between calls, helping to brief multiple teams at once.  You don't need a data connection to conference call, so be equally as productive on the go!

Just Call Me Conference Calling from Welcomm Communications lets business employees make conference calls through Wi-FiBe available, wherever you are

This solution doesn't require a data connection, so you can join conference calls even if you're travelling.

Mobiles and TabletsWelcomm Communications can provide tablets and mobiles to businesses within the UK.

As an O2 Direct Partner, Welcomm are able to offer the latest mobile and tablet devices to customers with business exclusive warrantees and exchange services. 

Click here to read about mobiles.

Click here to learn about tablets. 

Call us for more information on 0800 0646464. 

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Working with major networks to offer the best solutions, tailored to your business needs. Welcomm Communications provide mobiles to businesses, with an additional account management service free of charge.


Welcomm have close relationships with all the major networks and are part of the Direct Partner Network from O2. This allows us to offer highly competitive tariffs to our business customers, ensuring that the monthly allowance suits your needs. 

Why choose Welcomm for your mobiles?

Welcomm Communications help a business to be flexible by being able to make immediate changes to their mobile tariffs and bolt-ons. Gain flexibility

Welcomm's close relationships with the networks allows us to make changes to tariffs and bolt-ons, on your behalf, at any time. So rest assured that your company mobiles are set up the way you require.

Welcomm Communications can help businesses save time by having their account mangers resolve network queries relating to their business mobiles. Save time

Your dedicated account manager is on hand to make account changes and resolve network queries so you don't have to. This saves your staff time so they can get on with their day and be productive. 

Welcomm Communications provide their business customers with regular reviews on their mobile spendSave money

You will be provided with regular reviews of your mobile spend and usage so you can ensure that you're only paying for services that your staff need and use. This full visibility of all your business devices helps you to become cost-effective.

Will Welcomm provide the right phone for my needs?

Choose your preferred device based on cost, user experience and software capability.

  • Looking for rugged, waterproof devices for outdoor use?Welcomm Communications can provide business mobiles for all kinds of uses.
  • Need high-tech models to showcase a sales portfolio?
  • Prefer a low-cost smartphone for workers on the go?

We can provide a solution to suit your specific business needs.

How do I keep our business devices secure?                                                                                             

We offer applications to help secure your mobiles and tablets, for extra peace of mind.

Call us for more information on 0800 064 64 64.


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Feature of the Month

Feature of the Month

Apple have succeeded in bringing innovation to the Smartphone once again. The headphone jack has been removed and replaced with wireless AirPods or a lightning connector. It contains the most powerful chip in a Smartphone, ever. Both models are designed with an advanced new camera system, with the iPhone 7Plus also encompassing two telephoto cameras on the rear to prevent distortion and shrinking, as well as a wide angle lens on the front for the perfect selfie. Improved battery life, colour display and roaming LTE are just some of the other features which make this model a market leader. Not to mention, it's the first iPhone designed to be splash and water resistant. 

It truly is as powerful as it looks.

For a list of specifications, click on the data sheet attached.

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SIP Trunk Call Manager

SIP Trunk Call Manager provides you with all the benefits of SIP Trunks together with feature-rich, centralised call control. This includes our inclusive call bundles and the only fraud management tool that financially indemnifies you against loss. 

This solution offers powerful business continuity, giving you the ability to manage your number estate and all aspects of your inbound calls. Consolidate all your numbers onto a single platform and never miss a call.

What are the benefits SIP Trunk Call Manager?

  • Taking SIP beyond a connectivity service, into a world of feature-rich applications - putting you in control.
  • Tailored Business Continuity - never miss a call.
  • A direct ISDN replacement - save up to 50% on call costs.
  • An enhanced SIP service - giving you full and direct control of your inbound numbers.
  • 01, 02, 03 and 08 termination on subscribed SIP Trunks - no number translation.
  • One point of contact providing your SIP trunks and call management via one simple solution.

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Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Do you have a business continuity plan in place?

If your IT or telecommunications went down because of winter conditions, you need to be prepared by having a backup solution, ensuring you can continue to service your customers what ever happens.

  • The UK typically experiences 33 snow days each year.
  • One week of bad weather has estimated over £318 million in lost in productivity

Having a robust phone system in place is vital as communication between employer and employee runs your business. Cloud based services such as inbound call management systems, Box and Office 365 enables businesses to maintain full productivity. With a hosted phone system business calls can be received and made from anywhere.

Welcomm can provide a flexible and responsive personal service, showing how to use services like Office 365 and Box, so you do not have to deal with the extra stress.

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TU Go from O2

Use your O2 mobile number on tablets and laptops and make calls over Wi-Fi.

TU Go is a free app for iOS, Android and Windows (WP8 & PC) that allows you to send and receive calls, text and visual Voicemail over Wi-Fi across all your devices. The person you are calling doesn't even need to have the app. 

Now your number is truly mobile.

What are the benefits of TU Go?

  • Download from app store and register on eligible tariffs.
  • Use on up to supported 5 devices.
  • Send and receive calls and text over WIFI.
  • Simultaneous ring across all devices (TU Go & SIM).
  • Choose when to receive calls and texts
  • Timeline synced across all devices.

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SIP Trunking

What is SIP Trunking? 

Put simply a SIP Trunk allows you to connect your existing equipment to the IP Voice Service using a connection such as Broadband or Ethernet.

What are the benefits of SIP Trunking?

  • Free calls between sites on the IP network and lower call costs to other destinations.
  • Combination of Broadband connection.
  • Optimise your voice network by having the flexibility to add SIP trunks on a channel by channel basis as your business demands.
  • Real time provisioning through web page allows immediate delivery of service – no more waiting for upgrades.
  • Available over any IP Network – although the voice service will be quality assured over BT Wholesale Ethernet and BT Managed Broadband connections.
  • Through the installation of additional equipment the service can be utilised by your existing telephone equipment. This ensures that you get all the flexibility and cost benefits of IP Voice Services whilst leveraging the investment in your existing telephony infrastructure
  • Allows you to use your existing telephone handsets, keep your existing numbers and add new numbers from different area codes.

How does it work?

  • Simply take an IP connection from your service provide or utilise an existing connection if you have one.
  • Take a SIP trunk, specifying the number of concurrent calls (trunks) you require.
  • Connect your equipment directly or via an additional media gateway.
  • Make free inter-site and cheaper UK, mobile and international calls.

Cost Savings

Realise the cost benefits of converged voice and data networks of free internal and inter-site calls plus cheaper UK, mobile and international calls by up   to 20%.

No Investment in infrastructure

Keep your existing telephone infrastructure, whilst still lower calling costs and increasing flexibility. Maximise your recent investment in IP equipment.

You can get a mix of hosted telephony and SIP trunks managed through a single web page an free on-net calls between hosted and SIP trunks.

Multi-site solution

Split DDI ranges between physically separate sites.

Business continuity

A telephone solution that provides business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

Call Management

Get access to increased visibility of your daily call costs and easily configure call barring.

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Telephony Auditing / Management

How can we help your business?

Welcomm’s complete outsourced Telephony Management service is ideal for clients who have experienced rapid growth or acquired new sites/ businesses and lost control of their infrastructure and telephony cost management.

Another feature of this service is to provide your business with a complete audit of your communication infrastructures, which highlights the cost savings available to you, typically from unmanaged call diverting, multiple suppliers, redundant lines and out of date telephony systems.

Following a clearer understanding of your systems we are able to deal with the day to day issues of running and managing your complex telephony infrastructure, including liaising with all suppliers in the process.

Leave Welcomm to manage the architecture and daily issues of your telephony systems, so your managers’ are free to focus on the business.

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  • Certas Energy

    ‘’ Technology is always changing and developing and then our Business is growing and changing too, so the support, skills and services that Welcomm has are a reliable asset as new challenges are identified. We have a strong working relationship with Welcomm and hope to continue this as our Business develops." “The cost savings were immediate, but we went with a controlled roll out. We still continue to make savings and identify more areas to be challenged for future projects Justine Patton - Senior Network & Applications Support Analyst.
    View More

Hosted Voice

Hosted Voice

Horizon Hosted Voice

Horizon is complete communications service for business that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. The service allows you, the administrator, to easily manage your environment whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity.

Horizon is ideal for any sized business and is highly effective in organisations that have more than one site that work together.

How is Horizon often used?

  • Dynamic businesses wanting flexibility
  • Ideal for multi sites
  • Organisations that prefer outsourcing and Opex
  • Organisations who need a business continuity solution
  • Improving customer contact
  • Training and monitoring

What are the benefits of Horizon?

Features you can easily control

Hosted Voice puts you in complete control of your phone system and is provided with an extensive range of call handling and management features all operated through an easy-to-use web interface.

Empower your staff with ‘one number anywhere’

Hosted Voice conveniently integrates your fixed and mobile capabilities so that you never miss a call. Callers only dial one number to reach your desk phone and mobile phone simultaneously.

An on-demand service with no hidden costs

As Hosted Voice is hosted on your behalf, you only pay for what you need on a simple per seat basis.

Lower call costs

All the cost benefits of IP Telephony including free site-to-site calls (even across international boundaries) and cheaper call rates.

Enable flexible working

Hosted voice helps businesses become more efficient by enabling flexible work environments through hot-desking, home working and extending the service to mobile devices.



Akixi Call Reporting Services

As well as Horizon hosted voice reporting, our add-on solution Akixi offers more in-depth call management reporting and wall board integration in real-time. Stay in control with the immediate insight into how your customer services can be improved, thereby taking advantage of every possible revenue lead whilst boosting your efficiency and productivity. 

What are the benefits of Akixi?

  • Trend analysis
  • Unauthorised call reports
  • Push reporting to email
  • Key performance alarms
  • Abandoned call recovery
  • Multi-site tracking

For more information about our Hosted Voice products and services please download our brochures.

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  • Welcomm helps Tapi put the buzz back into the high street

    "Welcomm turned out to be a partner that has a good understanding of our needs, that really looks out for us and looks after us. We have a great rapport with the people there and they have risen to the challenge of our opening schedule, sometimes working in several stores at the same time." Martin Harris, Founder, Tapi
    View More

Call Management System

Call Management System

Inbound is a cloud-based telephony service for both geographic and non-geographic numbers that provides: call routing, monitoring and management tools, enabling you to deliver the perfect customer service.

Through Inbound’s easy to use web interface, changes can be set up easily and quickly. With access to feature-rich network services that are scalable, cost-effective and require no capital outlay.

Is Inbound ideal for my business?

  • Improve your customer service
  • Introduce contact centre services
  • Introduce call recording
  • Provide business continuity
  • Offer a local or national presence
  • Introduce campaign reporting

What are the benefits of Inbound?

Use with any number, anywhere, from any device The service is available on both geographic (01/02) and non-geographic (08/03) numbers and is accessed through a secure user-friendly website.
Multi-purpose Use the service to effectively manage everyday calls, to enable employees to work more flexibly or as a robust business continuity solution.
Easy-to-use The entire service is designed to be jargon free, intuitive and to enable you to become very productive, very quickly.
Immediate set up Everything’s online and directly feeds into our network giving the ability to instantly create or make changes to call plans, announcements and other features
No capital outlay No set up costs means that it can be funded out of operational spend, enabling quick decision making and implementation.

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  • Certas Energy

    ‘’ Technology is always changing and developing and then our Business is growing and changing too, so the support, skills and services that Welcomm has are a reliable asset as new challenges are identified. We have a strong working relationship with Welcomm and hope to continue this as our Business develops." “The cost savings were immediate, but we went with a controlled roll out. We still continue to make savings and identify more areas to be challenged for future projects Justine Patton - Senior Network & Applications Support Analyst.
    View More

Audio & Video Conferencing

Which conferencing service is right for your business?

Mobile conferencing:

If you are looking for a simple conferencing app, that allows you to arrange and hold conference calls on the move, Just Call Me is the ideal service for you.

No awkward PIN codes, passwords or premium rate dial-in numbers. Only you need the app, not your participants. They simply need your mobile phone number to join a conference call.

Find out more about JustCallMe


Audio / Video conferencing:

If you need a conferencing service that offers a face to face interaction, or the ability to set up web conferencing, webinars, and to share presentations, then Skype for Business is the ideal service for you.

This service also gives you a virtual shared office solution, so you can continue to engage and support staff that work out of the office, with (IM) Instant Messaging allowing you to see when staff are at their desks and available. With the share desktops and set up virtual desktops functionality, you can also easily conduct team briefs for multiple locations.

Find out more about Skype for Business


Audio conferencing:

If you are looking for a secure, high quality voice conferencing functionality from your phone system, then Horizon offers this and so much more. This service is also ideal if you make regular international calls, or need to include participants in the conference call that are located abroad, as these callers are only charged at the local rate when they use the Horizon app.

Find out more about Hosted Voice

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