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First-class connectivity: a dedicated, secure, uncontended service for all voice and data traffic.

Welcomm Communications provide ethernet solutions to businesses, the most powerful data solution.


As more services move into the cloud, the need for reliable internet has become essential. Welcomm’s Ethernet solution is uncontended, highly powerful and available to 99.9% of the UK.

Don't be held back; have access to your own, dedicated fibre internet connection.


How will ethernet help my business?

Welcomm Communication's ethernet solutions helps to boost business productivity by providing dedicated bandwidth, making the solution extremely reliableBoosts productivity

Your business will receive dedicated bandwidth so you gain quick and reliable access to critical files and applications, allowing your staff to perform at optimum levels of efficiency.

Welcomm Communication's ethernet internet helps to give businesses flexibility with a fast service which is easy to upgradeGives you flexibility

Not only will you receive an extremely fast service, you also have the flexibility to upgrade your bandwidth, and therefore performance, whenever it's needed.

Welcomm Communication's ethernet internet services helps businesses to transition to cloud services by converging phones with data as SIP or VoIPEnables a transition to cloud services

There are significant cost savings gained by combining your voice and data onto one connection. Ethernet enables this convergence as the most powerful data solution available to businesses today.

Welcomm Commuications provide peace of mind with their ethernet internet service due to offering a fully managed business service and fix timesPeace of mind

Ethernet provides high resilience, but with Welcomm you get a fully managed service with failover options and excellent fix time SLAs. So you can rest assured that your connectivity will always be taken care of, leaving you free to concentrate on growing your business.

What ethernet options are available?

FTTC Ethernet

This powerful converged solution satisfied the needs of businesses requiring constant connectivity, high availability of internet and the option to add a VoIP telephone system. The beauty of this product is the price tag; it's an entry-level Ethernet solution which provides the power and features of a premium service but with significantly lower costs.

Recommendation: Medium sized businesses looking for a premium internet service with high-availability, high-capacity but a low price tag.
Ethernet in the First Mile

EFM is seen as an ideal upgrade from broadband services. It offers a dedicated connection for an individual business; a robust solution, high capacity data service which provides strong business continuity.

Recommendation: Ideal for medium to multi-office businesses looking for increased bandwidth, but as a middle ground solution, only paying for the data you need.  
Fibre Ethernet
Fibre Ethernet is the top data connectivity available for businesses. Dedicated, secure, uncontended business-class connections for all your voice and data traffic. Also use this highly reliable and extremely fast data connection to provide your employees with speedy access to critical files  and applications, so your business can perform at optimum levels of efficiency.
Recommendation: Ideal for medium to multi-site businesses wishing to converge voice and data, currently experiencing computer network issues or those wishing to expand your range of coverage.

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