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Our full range of broadband services are designed exclusively for the business market – offices and homeworkers.

Welcomm Communications offer a full range of broadband services for businesses, offices and homeworkers.


Welcomm partners with Gamma to provide you with an extremely high-quality, business only network. This means that your internet capability won't be affected by heavy consumer traffic, can support future proof IP telephony (SIP and VoIP) and is fully supported by a highly-skilled group of UK-based support staff and engineers.

Join a business only network and get the professional service you expect.


How will next-generation broadband help my business?Welcomm Communications provide broadband solutions to business of all sizes

Welcomm Communications provide peace of mind for business customers using broadband services, due to fix SLA times.Provides peace of mind

Welcomm broadband services come with an enhanced fix SLA. 


Welcomm's broadband services can help business transition onto cloud applications and IP telephony. Helps you become future-proof

The large range of options available will help your business transition towards a digital future. Whether it's through more powerful broadband which can support applications or through services which support IP telephony, your business will have the edge.

Welcomm Communications broadband solutions sit on a business only network, so they are highly resilientIncreased Resilience

These services sit on a business-only network, so it isn't crowded with consumer traffic, meaning you receive a more optimised service. 

Welcomm Communications business broadband solutions come with unlimited usage. Save Costs

No need to top up your broadband; all Welcomm services come with unlimited usage limits.

What broadband options are available?


This next-generation broadband offers an enhanced data service on an analog line, ideal for connecting businesses wishing to use digital applications like Office365 and Box.

Recommendation: Ideal for home or small offices who need a professional service without a large price tag.
Fibre Broadband

Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) broadband uses fibre optic cables to enable superfast speeds. It can support multiple users, enabling them to operate more effectively, even with multiple programs open.

Recommendation: Ideal for any sized business who require increased bandwidth/speed.
Converged Broadband

This solution allows you to combine voice calls and broadband within the same circuit, thereby increasing the quality and reliability of both these services all year round. Voice quality is consistent and there's also the option of upgrading your broadband connection so that you're ready to move to cloud services in the future.

Recommendation: Ideal for a small sized office looking to upgrade their broadband fix times and benefit from hosted voice services.
Assured Broadband

A specialist broadband designed to support our SIP and VoIP telephony services. Assured broadband gives you a dedicated voice network, which allows you to benefit from improved call clarity, reliability, lower call costs, and disaster recovery.

Recommendation: For small to medium-sized businesses looking to migrate their telephony to the cloud.

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