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SIP Trunking

What is SIP Trunking? 

Put simply a SIP Trunk allows you to connect your existing equipment to the IP Voice Service using a connection such as Broadband or Ethernet.

What are the benefits of SIP Trunking?

  • Free calls between sites on the IP network and lower call costs to other destinations.
  • Combination of Broadband connection.
  • Optimise your voice network by having the flexibility to add SIP trunks on a channel by channel basis as your business demands.
  • Real time provisioning through web page allows immediate delivery of service – no more waiting for upgrades.
  • Available over any IP Network – although the voice service will be quality assured over BT Wholesale Ethernet and BT Managed Broadband connections.
  • Through the installation of additional equipment the service can be utilised by your existing telephone equipment. This ensures that you get all the flexibility and cost benefits of IP Voice Services whilst leveraging the investment in your existing telephony infrastructure
  • Allows you to use your existing telephone handsets, keep your existing numbers and add new numbers from different area codes.

How does it work?

  • Simply take an IP connection from your service provide or utilise an existing connection if you have one.
  • Take a SIP trunk, specifying the number of concurrent calls (trunks) you require.
  • Connect your equipment directly or via an additional media gateway.
  • Make free inter-site and cheaper UK, mobile and international calls.

Cost Savings

Realise the cost benefits of converged voice and data networks of free internal and inter-site calls plus cheaper UK, mobile and international calls by up   to 20%.

No Investment in infrastructure

Keep your existing telephone infrastructure, whilst still lower calling costs and increasing flexibility. Maximise your recent investment in IP equipment.

You can get a mix of hosted telephony and SIP trunks managed through a single web page an free on-net calls between hosted and SIP trunks.

Multi-site solution

Split DDI ranges between physically separate sites.

Business continuity

A telephone solution that provides business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

Call Management

Get access to increased visibility of your daily call costs and easily configure call barring.

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