Referral Incentive Form

Whether you are an existing Welcomm customer or would like to become a business referral partner, you can earn cash for your business, club or charity, simply by recommending Welcomm.

Once the business you have referred connects with Welcomm, you will earn money for every connection:

  • £30 for every mobile voice connection
  • £10 for every landline connection
  • £30 for every hosted PBX license.

As an example, if the business you refer were to connect 10 mobile voice connections and 5 landlines, you would receive £350.

Next Steps:

  1. Recommend Welcomm’s services to another business.
  2. Fill in your details and those of the business you are referring into the form below.
  3. To be accepted as a referral, the business must connect a minimum of 2 connections with Welcomm.
  4. One of our consultants will then get in touch with your referred contact to discuss the best solution for their business.
  5. Once your referred business connects with Welcomm, we will contact you to confirm what has been connected and the size and method of payment to your business, club or charity.

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