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Welcomm’s Managing Director Aidan Piper joins exclusive Comms Vision debate

Aidan Piper was invited to join the first comms vision round table debate, Aidan’s feedback on this debate was captured in the article which was featured in July’s issue.

The bias in favour of greater TCO will be to the advantage of resellers able to demonstrate it. Customers that were once safeguarded and ring-fenced are now thrown into play as they seek flexibility and pay-per-use solutions. A window on IBM’s world , provided by Aidan Piper, Managing Director at Welcomm, proved insightful. Every goal is directed at cost-cutting, and tens of thousands of staff are served by a relatively small number of seats that are flexed when needed. “All of the talk is about driving costs down,” he commented, “The question is how we do this with more flexible voice, where the end user has a number of licenses and dips into them when needed.”

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