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The business of Brexit: bosses give their views

Industry chiefs identify the way forward in the aftermath of the landmark EU referendum

On June 23, 52 per cent of voters decided that the UK would be best off leaving the European Union as part of a landmark referendum.

We spoke to some of the biggest names across operators, manufacturers and the channel to get their views on the upcoming UK “Brexit”.

Welcomm MD, Aidan Piper – “We don’t do any international trade, so the UK’s decision to leave the EU won’t affect us massively. However, we are aware that it will have an impact on our customers, as a lot of them do trade in Europe.”

O2 business director, Ben Dowd – “The Brexit, no matter what the result, was always going to have an impact on businesses. So it’s even more important than ever for us to make the most of our customer and market insight and expertise and continue to fiercely compete by offering more for our customer in terms of innovative service, support and preparation for whatever the new normal turns out to be.”

Samsung spokesperson – “We remain focused on delivering the highest quality products, services and experiences to our millions of customers across the UK and Europe.”

Mobile News – Issue 618, July 11, 2016

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