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O2 Network Story

The O2 network is the heart of everything that they do. Supporting millions of customers and thousands of businesses it provides a secure and a reliable experience.

O2 Heritage:

  • For three decades O2 have a proven track record of building and operating mobile networks.
  • A network built on innovation, expertise and investment and the first true home of the iPhone.
  • An impressive range of spectral assets. O2 were the first operators to reuse our 2G spectrum to enhance their 3G network and effectively deployed longer-ranging 800MHZ spectrum on their 4G network since 2013.
  • By the end of 2015 O2’s 4G network will cover 70% of the UK population.

Built Around Our Customer:

  • O2’s coverage tools are award winning and let our customers check on the status of our network to be able to report any issues 24-7. O2 also use crowd sourced insight to continuously make improvements.
  • O2 strive in enhancing customer experience by driving thousands of miles and monitor millions of customer experiences every week though their sophisticated customer experience systems.
  • O2’s world-class Self-Optimising Network means their network knows instinctively how and where it can improve. This has allowed the dropped call rate to constantly reduce.
  • O2’s dedicated Special Events team use cutting edge temporary network solutions to ensure all customers have connectivity at the UK’s biggest events - 300 a year.
  • O2 have the lowest customer churn in the industry and the most satisfied customers for the past 6 years.
  • In 2014 uSwitch presented us with the Network Best Coverage award.

A Network Built on Trust:

  • O2 are keeping their customers moving - from Network Rail to the AA to Transport for London, they are keeping 24 million customers and 450,000 businesses moving.
  • O2 are the first network operator to have the CAS (T) certification for mobile voice and data services.

A Trusted Partner

O2’s MVNO partners, including Tesco and more recently Sky and Talk Talk, chose O2’s Network to underpin their customer’s experience.

Through dedicated support, experienced engineers and our industry- leading fault management processes allows O2 to pre-empt most issues and if things do go wrong O2 are straight onto fixing the issue.

An Exciting Future:

  • O2 are innovating and investing in world-leading technologies to ensure their network is future-proof, resilient and designed to meet customers ever changing needs.
  • By 2017 O2 would have invested over £3 billion in upgrading their network.
  • O2 are at the centre of 5G innovation, developing the capability for the next generation.
  • O2 already have the strongest voice coverage in the UK and by the end of 2017 they will also have the largest data network.
  • O2 are the only operator with 98% coverage committed to Ofcom (for 4G indoor population coverage) by the end of 2017.
  • O2 also have a higher committed to the Government of 99.25% indoor population coverage’s as part of their Smart Metering roll out.

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