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O2 Are Improving Their Roaming Bolt Ons

Travelling to Europe

If you are travelling in the EU, ask your account manager to apply O2 Travel to your account to receive 120 minutes, 120 texts & 50MB per day for £1.66+VAT. Click here to read more.

Travelling outside of Europe

For those travelling further afield, the new Rest of World bolt ons, to replace O2’s Worldwide bolt ons, will offer you more flexibility. Instead of only receiving data like before, the new Rest of World bolt ons will include:

  • 87 destinations
  • Calls and texts
  • Higher data allowances

24 Hour Rest of World

For £7.50+Vat per day, you receive up to 200 minutes, 200 texts and 500MB within 87 destinations.

30 Day Rest of World

For £99+Vat per month, you receive up to 5000 minutes, 5000 texts and 5GB of data.

What Happens Next?

If you currently have a Worldwide bolt on set up on your account, it will remain in place but you will benefit from the increased allowances. If you’re currently set-up on the 24hour Worldwide 4 per billing cycle cap, you will be automatically switched to a once per day cap on November 8th. If you currently use Worldwide 30 day when travelling in the EU, you will no longer be covered following 8th November, so you will need to add O2 travel to your number for free, or be charged at standard rates in the EU.

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