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NSPCC and O2 have come together

The NSPCC and O2 have come together to launch a new online safety helpline. O2 want parents and family members to be able to talk to your child confidently and to make sure you are aware of keeping your kids safe online.

What’s happening?

For the provision of our children NSPCC and O2 have joined forces to ensure safer online usage. With the launch of new online safety helpline it will allow you to be knowledgeable of the internet itself but to also communicate regularly with your children.

What do you need to do?

You can receive various technical support from O2 in order to manage your devices and to make it more child friendly. with devices having changes with apps will also provision age restrictions as to what apps can b accessed. For example, Adult content and gambling will need verification before entering, reducing any risks at an early stage. Parental control allows for age restricted websites to be entered with a PIN only. If there are cyber bullying or abuse concerns that need to be discussed this can be done directly through Child line (for children to call) and NSPCC (for aren’t concerns)

Some helpful links to help you with your conversations:

Manufactures websites

What are we doing?

O2 want to provide support to our customers whose children would have access to their ‘business use devices’. O2 will be helping customers apply parental control on their business devices and guiding them to make changes to their existing apps.

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