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Earn from Referrals

Earn cash from Welcomm Communications by referring businesses to our team

You’ve built a good relationship with Welcomm, why not allow others to have the same experience? By referring someone to Welcomm you are providing them with the opportunity to access dedicated customer service and support across all of their communication services. The bonus? You will earn for your business in the process!


£30 for every mobile connected

£10 for every landline connected

£30 for every VoIP phone extension


The Process

  • Step 1: Provide us with the contact details of a friend/colleague
  • Step 2: We contact your referral to see if we can help with their communications in any way
  • Step 3: If they sign, you earn for each new mobile, landline or hosted VoIP connection they put through Welcomm


As an additional bonus, you will receive a FREE experience day when you recommend 3 valid referrals to Welcomm. This will be in the form of a gift card, so can be used by anyone in your company!




How much will I earn? 

This will depend on the needs of your referral. The more services they choose from Welcomm, the more your business will earn. £30 per mobile, £10 per landline and £30 per VoIP phone extension. 


When do I receive my earnings? 

Your account manager will be in contact once the referral has signed with Welcomm. They will discuss with you how you would like to receive the funds.


Is there a choice of how the funds are received? 

The earnings can be added to your Welcomm kit fund for your business to use on future hardware. Alternatively, it can be given as cash back - the choice is yours. 


How will my referral be contacted? 

You set up the introduction and our experienced team will try to contact your referred friend/colleague/supplier to learn about their business and what they may require in terms of communication services. It will be very much their choice if they begin a relationship with Welcomm, or decide that they don't require our help at that time. 


What do I get for referring multiple business? 

As a way of thanking you for continually thinking of us when referring business, we will post out an experience day once you have given us 3 valid referrals. 


Click here to send us a referral, or call 0800 0646464.