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FAQ — Questions

FAQ — Answers

Setting up Call Diverts

All Devices - Call Diverts

With call diverts you can divert incoming calls to any UK fixed phone or mobile. There are four call diversion options available which you can set up from your mobile

1. Not Reachable Divert

  • To activate ** 62 * phone number # SEND
  • To cancel ## 62 # SEND
  • To check status * # 62 # SEND

2. Divert calls when busy

  • To activate ** 67 * 901 # SEND
  • To cancel ## 67 # SEND
  • To check status * # 67 # SEND

3. Divert calls when there is no reply

  • To activate ** 61 * phone number * 11 * no seconds# SEND
  • To cancel  ## 61 # SEND
  • To check status * # 61 # SEND

4. Divert all calls

  • To activate ** 21 * phone number # SEND
  • To cancel ## 21 # SEND
  • To check status * # 21 # SEND

5. Cancel all call diverts

  • To cancel ## 002 # SEND

Help backing up your Android Device

Backing up your Android Device
Thankfully Google has made Android Os in such a way that if you have linked your Android phone to your Gmail, your contacts are most likely already synced with your gmail.
To check this goes to your Gmail account.

  • In the upper left corner under the Google logo press where it says Gmail.
  • In the drop down that appears choose Contacts.
  • Your contacts should appear.
  • If you saw your contact list from your phone in that list you are done. Google has already backed up your contacts.
  • If you did not find your contacts there are some things you need to do to make sure that they are backed up.

How to backup your Android contacts

  • Go to your phones settings ( if you don’t have a shortcut on your homescreen you can find it in your list of apps )
  • Scroll though this menu and press the tab that says Back up and reset.
  • Now what you have to do is make sure the Back up my data tab is checked, and if it is not, check it right now.

Another way to backup your Android contacts

  • Open the contact list on your phone.
  • Hit the menu button from your contact list.
  • From the list that appears hit the import/export tab.
  • This will bring up a list of available export and importing options

Backing up Android photos the manual way

  • Connect your phone to your computer through the USB cable that came with your phone.
  • Open your computers file explorer. In Windows this can be done by right clicking the start menu and choosing file explorer.
  • On the left side of the explorer window you can see you mobile phone name, go ahead and click it to start looking for your photos.
  • The file structure can be different on different phones but your images will be there in a folder named pictures or something like that.
  • If you can not find them try searching your phone by using *.png or *.jpg in the search field.
  • Once you have found the pictures simply mark them all with the cursor and right click them.
  • From the menu that appears choose copy or move depending on whether or not you want a copy to stay on your phone as well.
  • through your explorer go to the place where you want to keep you backup and right click once more.
  • Choose paste from the drop down menu that appears, and your files will start copying or moving to the new location.

Automatically backing up Android

  • Go to the apps folder on your phone.
  • In the apps folder find and click the Google plus app to open it.
  • Once Google plus has opened click the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • From the drop down menu that appears click where it says settings.
  • About in the middle of the screen click where it says Instant upload.
  • In the upper right corner flick the switch to the right to enable photos to upload to your Google plus account.
  • Once you have done this you will now be able to customize how and when the uploads will take place.

How to reset your data settings to get your data working.

Lumia 610 – Data Not Working

Select – Network Set Up > Tap The Box > Choose O2-UK

Lumia 620 – Data Not Working

Select – Settings > APN > Choose O2-UK / O2 UK Pay Monthly

iPhone APN’s - Data Not Working

Select – Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

Useful Contacts

1200               Traffic line (To avoid traffic jams)
118 402         Directory Enquiries
123                 TimeLine
901                 Voicemail (To check for messages)
**62*no#       Call Divert to another phone
80202            Text Info services – Send a text of info you need
21202             Text BALANCE (PAYG customers) To check your balance

1750                To turn your voicemail on
1760                To turn you voicemail off

Priority Moments:
Get exclusive local offers and experiences from some of the UK’s best-loved brands with Priority Moments.
Just text MOMENTS to 2020.

Priority Local:
Become a local Priority Moments merchant and advertise your promotions for free to your local audience via the Priority Moments apps.
To find out more and set yourself up, go to http://www.o2priority.co.uk/local

Priority Tickets:
Get them before general release and be the first in the queue to events and gigs at The O2, O2 Academy and sporting events.To find out more go to www.o2priority.co.uk

O2 Wifi: Fast, free internet. Access to free data from your nearest O2 Wi-Fi hotspot.
Go to http://www.o2wifi.co.uk/my
OR download the app: http://www.o2wifi.co.uk/my/app

How is data measured?

Data is measured in kilobytes (KB) on your O2 bill, but you will also see data measured in MB and GB:
1024 KB = 1 megabyte (MB)
1024 MB = 1 gigabyte (GB)

How do I switch my mobile data off when I’m abroad to avoid data roaming costs?

You can switch your data roaming off and on at any stage. This will not affect your calls, you can still make and receive phone calls with your data switched off.
We recommend that you switch your data off when travelling abroad if you want to avoid paying data roaming charges.
Find the smartphone you are using from the list below and follow the instructions on how to switch your data On/ Off:


1. Tap Settings
2. Tap General
3. Tap Network
4. Switch off Mobile Data (iPhone4)
    Switch off Cellular Data (iPhone 3G/3GS with iOS
    Switch off Data Roaming (iPhone 3G/ 3GS without the IOS upgrade)


1. Choose options from the applications list
2. Select mobile network
3. Select the ON option from the data service menu
4. Change to OFF when roaming 

Palm Pre/Plus/Pixi

1. Tap the green Call icon
2. Tap the O2-UK tab (top left hand corner of the screen)
3. Tap Preferences
5. Tap either Enabled or Disabled. 

Android phones

1. Press the Menu key
2. Tap Settings
3. Tap Wireless Controls
4. Tap Mobile Networks
5. Tap Data roaming to add/remove the tick next to it
6. If you switch data roaming on, you will see the message, 'Allow data roaming? You may incur significant roaming charges!' tap OK or Cancel to this warning
7. Tap Data traffic to add/remove the tick next to it.

When does my data usage allocation start and finish?

Your data usage of 500MB is for your bill month. To find out the day of the month your bill month starts you can either go online into your bill analyser or it will be displayed at the top of your bill. 

What am I charged if I exceed my data allocation?

Within the UK:
If you exceed your bundle allowance it’s 2.5p per MB.
If you do not have a data bolt on, you are charged £1.80 per MB.

What it costs to access data whilst in Europe:
You will automatically get O2 Travel, which costs £1.66 per day, giving you unlimited data.
You can choose to opt for the 30 day worldwide bolt on at £99 per month.
If neither are in place, then you will be charged 14.5p per MB

What is costs to access data outside of Europe:
Worldwide data usage is charged at £7.30 for a 24hour period, on the Worldwide 24hour bolt on.
You can also choose to opt for the 30 day worldwide bolt on at £99 per month.
If neither bolt ons are in place,  then you will be charged £6.00 per MB.

I have an allocation of 500MB of data per month, what can I get for that?

Typical data usage for the following:

  • Surfing the internet uses approx 1.5MB per hour
  • Downloading emails (without attachments)- One email is typically 0.024MB
  • Downloading or Uploading good quality photos (JPG) - approx 2MB each
  • Downloading music tracks (MP3) - approx 3.6MB each
  • Streaming video (e.g iPlayer, YouTube) - approx 2MB per min.
  • Downloading full movies (AVI) - approx 700MB each
  • Chatting on VOIP or IM - approx 1.7MB per hour.

I have purchased a new phone using funds from my Kit Fund and I have still received an invoice?

For auditing purposes we have to send an invoice for the value of the new handset. If that invoice has not been paid within 30 days then the funds automatically come out of your kit fund.

How do I set up my new iPhone

You will need to set up an iTunes account, for full details please follow the instructions on this PDF.

I have received a new SIM card and placed it into my phone, but nothing is working?

If you have requested to activate your phone and you are still experiencing issues, firstly ensure your mobile is fully charged and then switch your mobile off and then on again and this should activate your mobile and new SIM.

How to locate your IMEI on any handset?

Type *#06#  and it will display your IMEI number.

How to identify your PIN on a Blackberry?

Go into your messages folder and 'Compose SMS', then select any contact, and in the body of the text type mypin then space and it will return your PIN information.

What speeds do I typically experience with Mobile Broadband usage?

When mobile companies talk about 3.6 Mbps or 7.2 Mbps mobile broadband speeds they are referring to theoretical maximum speeds, not necessarily speeds you will actually experience. HSDPA networks have a theoretical maximum speed of 3.6 Mbps, but your distance from a mobile mast, trees and other buildings between you and the mast, plus the number of users online, can all influence the speed you experience. Most people on HSDPA networks can expect a speed ranging from 1Mbps to 1.5Mbps, allowing you to download a 3-4 minute music track in 30 seconds or less.