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The Clean Bean

The Clean Bean is not a typical laundrette. Combining a coffee shop, Internet access, and a child-friendly garden, it turns a weekly chore into a pleasure. But the company needed a more reliable, sophisticated way to deal with email, diaries, and documents. After experimenting with free webmail and other systems, The Clean Bean switched to Microsoft Office 365. Not only does it cost less than the firm was paying for its previous email system, but it works much better—giving the owner and his family access to email messages, diaries, and documents from any web browser.


Business Needs

On the Gloucester Road in Bristol, you’ll find The Clean Bean. It’s a laundrette that has evolved to add a coffee shop, free Internet access, and a child-friendly garden. Owner David Magnus says: "It’s not your typical launderette. Most of them are old-fashioned, but we want to make life a bit easier and more fun for everyone involved." The laundrette has been open for a year and already one thing is clear—it relies on email for the vast majority of its interactions with other businesses. "We order coffee, soap powder, and almost everything else via email," says Magnus. This meant that The Clean Bean needed a reliable, business-class email system—not a free webmail account.

The business also needed to store, share, and collaborate on key documents, such as promotions templates. But, as with email, they wanted reliable access to them on different PCs and smartphones.



After experimenting with various free and low-cost solutions, Magnus decided to use Microsoft Office 365. This gives him, his family, and staff a reliable email system with a company email address, shared calendar, and central place to store documents.

People can access their email messages, diaries, and documents from any web browser—which works well because the laundrette has several different Internet-connected PCs and Magnus has a PC at home too. They can use Microsoft Outlook 2010 messaging and collaboration client, which, as Magnus says: "is easier for us because it’s just what we’re used to." They can also access their email messages on their smartphones.

remember things, like re-orders or birthdays. But with a shared diary, accessible on PCs and smartphones, "the chances are one of us will get it," he says.

The price is the best thing of all. Magnus says: "At £4 a month, it’s half what we used to pay and it’s Microsoft doing it, not a small company. It’s a no-brainer."

The Clean Bean

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We use Microsoft Office 365 for email, diaries, and shared documents. At £4 a month, it’s half what we used to pay and it’s Microsoft doing it, not a small company. It’s a no-brainer.