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Case studies


Introduction :

Sapa Profiles is the world's leading producer of extruded aluminium profiles. These can be used across numerous applications, from the building industry, for architects, contractors, and designers and also aluminium tubing components for automotive heat exchanger applications. Sapa's profiles replace other materials and design methods.

Welcomm have a long working relationship with Sapa, having provided and supported their ISDN, PSTN, Broadband & Mobile services over the past 4 years.



Challenge :

Sapa needed a reliable Communications Solution across all locations, which would enable them to deliver consistent customer service, across their 3 service and sales offices.
Sapa had multiple suppliers, including Welcomm, that were responsible for delivering and supporting their internal telephony system. This also brought its own challenges as it generated more admin, and issues and faults would take longer to fix.

Therefore Sapa required a consolidated and simplified solution, from a single provider that would offer them savings in SLA time, admin time and costs.  The additional benefit of working with one provider is they would have one point of contact for any queries, issues, billing enquiries, and one dedicated account manager to monitor their usage and costs and oversee their account, getting a full understanding of all their business needs.



The Solution :

Welcomm conducted a full review across all of Sapa’s telecoms systems, looking at each supplier’s contract terms, their usage and costs to provide a clear view of their legacy system and to identify how they could improve their customer call management system. Following this review, Welcomm proposed a Hosted VoIP system over new Fibre Ethernet data connections for Sapa.

This solution would not only provide them with reduced call costs, including all calls between sites being Free of Charge but it also offered their business the flexibility to transfer or flow calls between the 3 locations to maintain an effective customer service, regardless of where staff were located.

A pilot was implemented at each location to enable Sapa to fully understand how it would work and how calls could flow between the locations. This included a small number of Freedom2 Hosted VoIP users at each location across temporary Broadband connections being installed with a key group of Sapa staff being brought into the project too.

The pilot was a huge success and approval for the main project was given. A full project plan was drafted and agreed and a staged installation approach was taken to ensure minimum disruption to the business as the legacy systems were replaced with the new solution.

To ensure a reliable Communications Solution was delivered, 3 new data circuits were installed across the 3 locations. In the event that one would fail, the proposed new telephony solution could automatically move the calls across to one of the other locations, to provide a seamless customer service. Once the new data connections were in place, Welcomm conducted the installation of their new Freedom2 Hosted VoIP telephony solution, which was rolled out over 100 users.

In addition, a boost box was also installed to improve the mobile signal from within one of the concrete walled sites. This enabled staff to receive mobile coverage not only as they moved between sites but also from within one of the buildings, further improving their internal communication.



The Benefits:

Sapa’s new IP Telephony solution not only provides them with call cost savings, but it has also delivered a Disaster Recovery back-up solution, which they hadn’t had before. In the event that one site loses connectivity, or cannot be accessed due to adverse weather conditions, calls can instantly be redirected to one of the other sites at no additional cost, allowing them to continue to provide a consistent customer service.

With Welcomm’s complete communication solution, Sapa now benefits from a dedicated Account Management Team, with the back-up of a support and admin team from a single telecoms provider, to oversee their whole account, and have a true understanding of their business needs.
To ensure the account is running smoothly Sapa benefit from a monthly conference call with various staff members from across different departments as well as a quarterly meeting with their account manager. This allows them to discuss any concerns or issues with their current processes, and to review their usage and costs, to ensure their solution continues to deliver a telephony service that can effectively grow with their business demands.