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Case studies

PCM Group



PCM Group UK are one of the world’s leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps and advanced fluid-handing equipment. The multi-national company has their head office in France, with one of their manufacturing site being located in Corby, UK. This means they are heavily reliant on large data file transfer between the two main offices via a WAN VPN. The VPN is vital for the transfer of large data files which contain the bespoke designs. These designs require approval from the French head office before the manufacturing can take place at their Corby site. Therefore any fault or delay on their VPN service can have huge implications to the start and running of a project.  


The Challenge


PCM Pump’s existing servers operated over a slow, unreliable broadband access which meant it was prone to crashing when trying to deliver and receive large data files. In addition they would experience further reduced internet speeds during peak office hours as other businesses on the same exchange were fighting for the same shared line access.


The Solution


Welcomm’s proposed Data solution not only provided PCM Group UK with ample bandwidth to meet their email and internet access needs, but provided a solution that would provide growth as the needs of their business grew. A 10MB dedicated EFM Circuit was installed. The quad copper pairs EFM Circuit provided PCM Pumps with a dedicated, uncontended Data solution, which delivers guaranteed internet speeds. As a dedicated, private line this also ensured increased security over the transfer of sensitive files. To offer complete peace of mind and to ensure a fail-safe system, an ADSL failover service was installed which would seamlessly switch over, in the unlikely event that the EFM failed.  

PCM Group
Welcomm Communications were tasked with sourcing a solution that not only gave them the bandwidth they needed to effectively transfer files between the two offices but to also provide a solution that was reliable and future proofed.