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Case studies

O2 JustCallMe - iStudio Projects Limited

Pin-free. Pain-free. The future of mobile conference calling, from O2 Just Call Me.

Leading theatrical engineering company iStudio Projects’ comms skills needed a lift. Fast.


The challenge

With ITV and the Royal Albert Hall as new clients, Business Operations Director Aaron Caldwell came to O2 for a smart way for his teams to chat together. Even when they’re miles apart.


The simple solution

The O2 Just Call Me conference calling app fitted the bill perfectly. ‘Organising and taking part in calls is as easy as dialing 3-2-1. No pin. No pain. Simple.’

It’s reduced Aaron’s administration time. Cutting out expensive premium dial-in numbers has saved money. And Just Call Me has even improved security.

‘It’s more secure than other conference calling facilities we’ve used. You know exactly who’s on your call, and that you’ve invited them in.’


How O2 Just Call Me has made all the difference:

- Aaron’s team can organise and schedule conference calls on the move from their mobiles.

- The app synchronises with their address books and calendars. They just invite contacts to join with one touch.

- Moving conference calling to O2’s platform has saved iStudio Projects money.

- You just dial 321 to start the call and participants dial your mobile number to join it.

- No expensive premium rate dial-in numbers. It costs the same as a normal call.

O2 JustCallMe - iStudio Projects Limited
"O2 Just Call Me lets us dial in from around the world and work together. It's so easy."