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Case studies



Flogas  are one of the UK’s largest distributors of LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas), suppliers. They provide consumers and businesses that aren’t connected to the mains gas network with portable, refillable gas supplies.


The Flogas brand was created following the acquisition of BP’s UK LPG distribution business, which included 13 new sites. The existing infrastructure and ICT systems at these sites had to be replaced, following the acqusition, as the existing systems were either out of date or owned by BP. Therefore Flogas needed to review and set up a new system to provide the vital lines of connectivity between it’s head office in Glasgow and these new sites, for accurate order fulfilments and stock levels monitoring. 


The Challenge

Welcomm needed to provide a solution that would firstly deliver a consistent, uniform internet access across all sites, and secondly deliver this in line with the rollout of the new IT and computer systems.  Each of these 13 sites had to be fully equipped with new data and server systems that were reliant on the new ADSL service. Welcomm therefore took the lead role to liase between the other 3rd party suppliers to ensure these installation dates were synchronised.  


The remote location of many of these site also offered additional challenges due to their distance from the local exchange. This would therefore restrict the internet access that could be provided.  


The Solution

Welcomm proposed installing multiple ADSL lines into each of the sites, providing increased bandwidth and connectivity and improved reliability.

Once the install dates for these services were arranged, Welcomm took the lead in co-ordinating the various suppliers to ensure an engineer would be on site to manage the ADSL roll out with the installation of the new IT and data systems. 


In addition, Welcomm provided a My Inbound service for their  IT department, which gave them the flexibility to move call traffic in real-time through an easy to use portal.

This My Inbound service delivered huge cost savings of £28,464 per year across 93 numbers. It also delivered a huge improvement to their customer service as it gave them the ability to react instantly to business changes by moving call traffic, without the 5 day delay they had experienced with moving calls with their telecoms provider.


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Welcomm managed and monitored the roll-out of 53 ADSL services across the 13 sites to ensure there was minimal business disruption as the new systems were put in place. The new ADSL lines delivered a vast improvement to the internet access that once existed, and has enabled vital sensitive data to be transferred between the sites and head office