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Case studies

Certas Energy

The company

Certas energy distributes oil products to domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural customers across the UK from a network of locations, providing national coverage. Each depot is an individual operation with a clear commitment to service and customer care, so communication with the head office in Warrington, Cheshire is central to the company’s operations.

The brief

Welcomm were briefed to transfer legacy and new business acquisition telephone numbers that were on permanent divert, over to an IP platform so they could be accessed via a web browser, providing them with a flexible and robust solution. In addition to this we had to find a solution that reduced their overall operating costs.

Certas energy’ I.T team were using B.T's remote call forwarding service to divert calls from locations that had closed or when a new business was acquired to ensure business continuity. This enabled Certas energy to divert calls to alternative maned depots, but at a price as it incurred very high rental and call diversion charges. In addition this process relied heavily on B.T to make the necessary changes to the call destinations, which was often not as reactive as they required during their busiest periods in the winter. Maintaining and managing this process was also complex, therefore Welcomm were briefed to offer a clear call management solution, offering relevant call information with the ability to manage numbers and calls instantly and effectively.

Certas Energy

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‘’ Technology is always changing and developing and then our Business is growing and changing too, so the support, skills and services that Welcomm has are a reliable asset as new challenges are identified. We have a strong working relationship with Welcomm and hope to continue this as our Business develops." “The cost savings were immediate, but we went with a controlled roll out. We still continue to make savings and identify more areas to be challenged for future projects Justine Patton - Senior Network & Applications Support Analyst.