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Wearable Technology: A Convenience or Necessity?

This modern trend is taking the market by storm: smartwatches making calls, wristbands measuring health and headphones acting as mp3 players. Then there’s the more eccentric designs coming to market, including a brain-scanning device to relax you at work, as well as a muscle pumping chair which helps you to workout at your desk!

The questions remains: is this a fad which will fade with impracticality, or are these gadgets set to become a necessity for business?

Growing trends towards clothing, speakers and fitness accessories are gaining momentum within their corresponding marketplace – but these generally attract consumers. However, one wearable that is selling as a tool which benefits businesses is the highly acclaimed Smartwatch.

In recent months there has been a surge in Smartwatch popularity for business user across the UK. Designed with professionalism in mind, this device enables a worker to access apps, messages and calls on the go. The world’s leading technology specialists Gartner have predicted an increase in sales of 18.4% to smart wearable’s in 2016, and a 48% increase in smartwatch sales by the end of 2017.

The watches work via a Bluetooth connection from a smartphone, with a usual range of 110-330 feet. You may ask, ‘why would I bother to use this in the office when my phone is with me?’


Alerts and breaking news are extremely quick to digest as a person isn’t distracted by background notifications, as they be would on a smartphone. From viewing your company’s most recent social networking post, to scanning through the latest BBC headline in your business sector, the smartwatch allows an employee to make a split second decision as to whether they need to divide their attention or not. If not, they continue with their work without losing focus.

“You get your information, and you get out.” Business Insider.

Proximity and convenience.

The mobile can be left in a draw in the office, or in a bag when meeting with customers. This minimises the chance of becoming too engrossed in one’s phone during important meetings. However if an essential email is suddenly needed, users can quickly access the information on the Smartwatch without keeping a customer waiting or disengaged.


Companies who switch between mobiles, tablets and laptops will also see a huge benefit. Simply connect to one device via Bluetooth and a user can access another device at the same time. No cross-over of apps is needed.


You will never miss an important update again as everything comes through in real time without a user having to regularly interrupt their work to check their phone.

“I can be confident of not missing anything important, while removing all the other distractions that soak up my productive time during the day.”Ewan Spence, Forbes.

As a fairly new product in the marketplace, online reviewers have remarked that some individuals have not yet invested in the Smartwatch because they don’t fully understand its use. The technology itself is impressive – with advanced touch screen capability and a responsive interface – but professionals have wondered how it stands to aid work performance.

It’s clear now that the functionality of the device is proving itself to be a valuable tool in business. And as the wearable movement grows, the Smartwatch is fast becoming a necessity.

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