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Cyber Security: Are you ready for 2018?

Your important stuff. Data, accounts, email lists. Where do you keep it? Is it safe? It’s now more important than ever to keep your data secure, especially with new data protection regulations just around the corner…

What’s out there to help?

Office 365 provides a set of services that enables email communication, data access and storage across all corporate devices. This way, your business’s private information and proprietary assets are not in the public for everyone to access: they are secure and you can control who sees those files.It also comes with the latest antivirus software, to keep your business safe and reduce spam.]

Box adds an additional layer of unparalleled security, so complements Office 365 perfectly. It allows your employees to work on their Microsoft files without the need to download, switch applications or store multiple version across different devices, securely. Box is also not just for internal use; share documents and collaborate with colleagues or customers, knowing that you have software in place to help prevent data from leaking out of your business.

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