Vehicle Tracking

With VeriLocation’s web-based GPS/GSM vehicle tracking system, you can have full access to your fleet at all times, wherever you are.

Welcomm Communications provide vehicle tracking for businesses.


With more vehicles on the road than ever before, tracking has become an increasingly important tool for employers with an established fleet. From improved customer service and workforce productivity, to lower fleet running costs, your operations will be enhanced on every level.

Our innovative tracking systems will optimise the way your business runs from day one of installation.

What are the benefits of Vehicle Tracking?

Welcomm Communications offer a vehicle tracking solution for businesses which automatically records vehicle movements. VeriLocation’s tracking system is an in-vehicle GPS box system that is covertly fitted to the vehicle to allow for continuous monitoring. Requiring no driver input, the system automatically records all vehicle movements and ignition starts. The system also sends a location fix every hour when the vehicle is switched off for extra security. If you require a robust tracking system, this system is ideal for you.

Vehicle Tracking from Welcomm Communications reduces fuel and overtime costs by making it clear which route is shortest. Reduce costs

Reduce fuel and overtime costs by tracking your fleet to ensure they are working efficiently by travelling the shortest route - guarantee a greener fleet with less emissions.

Verilocation from Welcomm Communications can increase productivity by providing real-time information regarding the locations of a business's vehicle fleet. Increase productivity

Having the up-to-date locations of your fleet will enable your business to book new jobs immediately, ensuring a quick call out time by choosing a vehicle within a close proximity. Real-time traffic updates also enables you to provide more accurate ETAs to your customers.

Vehicle Tracking from Welcomm Communications can help a business adhere to driver safety laws by showing how often they have taken breaks during a trip. Comply with safety laws

Long-haul drivers are required, by law, to take several breaks during their trip to ensure they get adequate rest to drive safely. Vehicle tracking allows you to monitor when their vehicle is turned off, so you can ensure that your staff are taking the right amount of breaks for the right amount of time.

Vehicle tracking from Welcomm Communications can help a business save costs by proving mileage claims. Track mileage claims

Ensure that your company mileage claims are accurate by comparing them to the real-time tracking data. 

Machine to Machine Sims

Vehicle tracking utilises machine to machine sims – a small sim placed into the vehicle which communicates the activity of that vehicle to a computer.
Click here to read about Machine to Machine. 

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