Mobile Conference Calling

Just Call Me

Hassle free conference calling with just your mobile number.

O2 Just Call Me offers hassle-free conference calling using just a mobile number. It allows our customers to turn their mobile number into a conferencing bridge as many times as they want, simply by dialling 321 from their phone. Participants just dial the host’s mobile number, they do not even need the app.

What are the benefits of Just Call Me?

  • No PIN numbers or hidden charges for participants. 
  • Calls can be organised and controlled through the O2 Just Call Me app - giving them complete control over their conference.
  • Hosts can run two calls at once – and switch between them as they need to.
  • There’s no need for a data connection – if a customer can receive calls, they can host a conference too.
  • Small businesses can create a professional and credible image by hosting a simple conference call.



  • O2 JustCallMe - iStudio Projects Limited

    "O2 Just Call Me lets us dial in from around the world and work together. It's so easy."
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