Why Welcomm Energy?

Securing the best rates for your business energy.

"73% of Business customers are not regularly reviewing their energy provider options and are potentially missing out on a 40% saving" – Ofgem

What are the benefits of Welcomm Energy?

  • One point of contact for mobile, unified and energy solutions.
  • Welcomm Energy can save you an average of 10-15% on your current bills. Welcomm saved 50%!
  • Welcomm Energy can secure better deals rather than you going direct as some of the energy suppliers are wholesalers and do not deal directly with the end user.
  • With 60% of Businesses out of contract now or in next 12 months, we will find you best rate in the market by comparing all 11 major providers and recommending the best deal for price and service.
  • Lock in to the lowest energy prices in a decade. Energy can be signed up to 5 years in advance of the start date so even if you are currently in contract we can still secure the current low rates for you now to seamlessly kick in when their current contract ends.
  • Proactive account management – we will contact you to advise you when your energy contracts end to sign up to extended savings to avoid you falling into “out of contract” prices that are on average 40% higher than current rates.
  • Once you have signed the transfer of supplier is seamless; it is merely a change in billing.