Fibre Ethernet

Fibre Ethernet also known as Lease Line, uses the latest fibre technology to deliver a high capacity connection for your business, offering you an ideal upgrade from ADSL or Fibre Broadband services. Ethernet is rapidly becoming the mainstream choice for voice traffic, IP and converged networks due to the vast bandwidth available.

Current bandwidth speeds are available between 1MB per second to 1GB per second, with a wide choice of fibre access links at speeds of 10MB per second, 100MB per second and 1GB per second.

It’s delivered on a Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, guaranteeing higher performance than Asynchronous Transfer Mode networks. Our Ethernet solution is supplied by the UK’s largest telecoms providers so is built using world-leading 21st Century platform, to ensure we can offer you a future-proof solution.

What are the benefits of Fibre Ethernet?

Cost Effective

Fibre Ethernet can improve your local area network (LAN) connectivity, as well as providing faster, cheaper and more efficient Wide Area Networking (WAN) protocol. There is no limit on the distance between network users, making it ideal for businesses with home worker or multi-site. We can tailor the bandwidth access to suit your business.


Fibre Ethernet delivers significant business efficiencies through convergence – running voice, data and IP over one platform.

Reliable and Easily Expandable

Fibre Ethernet offers the highest levels of reliability and resilience. The best for reliability in the market. As your business and bandwidth usage grow, Fibre Ethernet has the capacity to grow too and can easily be adapted to suit your needs.


Fibre Ethernet is not distance dependant (with the exception of the local access) and requires less investment in network adaption equipment than is usually required with some legacy WAN options. Fibre Ethernet offers both point –to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity to match your configurator and application needs.


Built on the 21st Century platform, the technology is continually evolving, with future enhancements offering 10GB per second access speeds.