Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) is built on a proven and robust network structure using multiple copper pairs to deliver a high capacity Ethernet service as an ideal upgrade from SDSL or Leased Line services.

This is a superior technology delivered using less copper pairs than competitors without compromising on speed. In fact, we can provide symmetrical speeds of 2Mbps, going up to 35Mbps on 8 copper pairs.

Market-leading network reach means you can enjoy EFM no matter where you are and with simple and realistic pricing and a team of UK experts, you’re in safe hands.

What are the benefits of EFM?

Painless upgrade

EFM gives you access method and is an ideal replacement for ADSL and Fibre Broadband to deliver a solution which is more resilient and compatible with future technologies.

Plus, why not harness EFM technology for other networking solutions, such as MPLS (Converged Private Network – allowing you to link up multiple sites or homeworkers over a private network).


We’ll deliver EFM over two or four copper pairs, giving you the choice of a more resilient option on the first mile. This assures business continuity in the unlikely event of a disaster – should one pair fail, service will continue on the other pair.


We’ve created a number of solutions that can be delivered using EFM. Speak to us about EFM for high speed internet and VPN access. You can also increase your bandwidth capacity to adapt to the growing demands of your business.

Extensive and Increasing UK Coverage

With an increasing number of exchanges capable for EFM, we’re confident we can connect sites in the same area, as well as remote sites across the UK where other providers can’t, simply because they don’t have our reach.

Cost-effective and flexible

EFM will allow you to use as much available bandwidth without any extra charges. What’s more, we provide more capacity for less pairs, of higher quality, when compared to competitors.